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Children need Catholic education now more than ever, and families need Seeds of Hope scholarships! 

Hope Scholarships address the opportunity gap for low-income families trying to break the cycle of poverty. Parents make significant sacrifices to contribute to the cost of tuition to ensure their children receive a Catholic education. We know that a quality education and the beauty of the Catholic faith provides these children with a life full of opportunities.   

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We recently conducted a comprehensive survey to understand the many benefits and overall impact of a K-8 Catholic education in the Archdiocese of Denver. The information we learned through our survey has reinforced to us that our mission is critical for our students, their families, our communities, and our future leaders. Through our results we found that:


Seeds of Hope (SOH) students are well prepared for high school and the proof is from a GPA comparison. SOH Alumni GPA average is 3.51 vs. 2.69 for low-income families in public schools. Statistics show that a student’s high school GPA is an indicator of their future success.  



Only 67.5% of Colorado young adults feel as though they are prepared for their future, while our SOH alumni feel much better prepared for adult life. 85.6% of SOH parents with children in college feel their children are better prepared, and 93.8 % with children in the workforce feel they are better prepared for adult life because of their opportunity to have a Catholic education.                                                                                                                                                                              


SOH alumni demonstrated a deeper commitment to their Catholic faith at 90% vs. only 54.5% of Colorado Catholics. The results state that SOH families are more likely to attend mass, express their faith, and participate in parish activities. 71% of SOH families participate in parish activities while only 16% of Colorado Catholics do the same. 



Seeds of Hope Scholarship Recipient Nayla Hernandez: Nurtured by Faith and Empowered by Education

In the heart of Denver, Colorado, a remarkable journey began for Nayla Hernandez, now a sophomore at the University of Notre Dame. Nayla's story is not just one of academic achievement but also a testament to the power of faith, family, and love.  

Her journey began at Annunciation Catholic School in 2011, where she was a Seeds of Hope Scholarship recipient from kindergarten through 8th Grade.  With English as her second language, Annunciation helped her learn and grow in a place of faith and love. She remembers the school's mission statement at the time to be, "We are an urban school, committed to learn, committed to serve, committed to love, and committed to live these with the integrity that Jesus did". This became a guiding light for Nayla. She aspired to commit to these values as she advanced on her path throughout her education.

Nayla's journey was not just about educational support but also about nurturing her faith. She reflects on her time at Annunciation, saying, "I was just constantly surrounded by love, and I think that's what motivated me to want to stay in touch with my faith”. Her faith was her anchor, providing her with the strength to face life's challenges head-on. “I am very grateful to Seeds of Hope for the opportunity that I was given” she says.

As a Valedictorian graduate from Bishop Machebeuf High School, Nayla not only excelled academically but also demonstrated a commitment to her community. When talking about her Catholic education from kindergarten on, Nayla mentions, "I think what I'm most grateful for is having had certain values instilled that guided me through difficult points in my life”.   

Her preparation in an Archdiocese of Denver Catholic school helped her attain a full ride Daniels Fund Scholarship to the University of Notre Dame. Nayla is currently double majoring in Romance Languages and Education, Schooling and Society, and is a first-generation college student! As she continues her academic journey at the University of Notre Dame, we are excited to see the positive impact she will make on her community and beyond.


Seeds of Hope cultivates minds and hearts for Christ by striving to make a transformative Catholic education financially accessible to any family who seeks it.

Background Statement

Every child is a seed of hope. In the wake of St. John Paul II's visit to Colorado for World Youth Day in 1993, the Archdiocese of Denver and several community leaders joined forces to create an organized, funded mechanism to support Catholic education in Denver. In 1996, this led to the formation of Seeds of Hope. The mission of SOH centers on tuition assistance to the poor in Denver so that families with low incomes can attend an Archdiocese of Denver Catholic K-8 school.

Seeds of Hope focuses on providing tuition assistance to make Catholic education financially accessible to families at low-income Archdiocese of Denver Catholic schools. All the assistance helps families access opportunity, stability, faith formation, and a quality education. When the schools receive tuition assistance for the families, the funding also has the impact and benefit of helping support the schools.

SOH began as an expression of the Archdiocese of Denver's commitment to making Catholic education available to low-income families. Through the years, the assistance offered by SOH has varied, from grants made to schools for student need-based scholarships to technology upgrades, building repairs, or general operating support. SOH primarily focuses on providing tuition assistance to make Catholic K-8 education financially accessible to families in need. As the SOH founders intended, all of the assistance provided helps worthy families with opportunity, stability, faith formation, and quality education.

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