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The IRC provides services in an area where no other aid is available. The IRC's services are non-governmental, confidential and Free or minimum fee based.


“I want to tell you that I have received a lot of help from this office. I attend English classes several times during the week; I began ESL classes two years ago with instructor Phil Archuleta. Attending classes has also helped me learn Spanish because my native language is Q’anjob’al. I had an advantage with my success by singing in English in church, something I was not able to do before I began studying English.

I have also received help to study to get my driver’s license and now I have my driver's license. I’m no longer in fear while driving around town when I run my errands.

The office helped me receive my work permit this summer, which is going to help me a lot to be able to find a good job without being afraid like before, which I am very grateful for

Another assistance that I have received from this office is food, which is a great help because sometimes I can’t afford to buy food for my family. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, they helped me with my electricity bills and rent as well because I had lost my job.

Thanks to this office I have been very successful in my personal life and with my family. I want to tell other people to support this office and seek help here. They are a great help for immigrants. They have my greatest support, them, the immigrants and the office.” –MPS

“This is my story regarding the Immigrant Resource Center in a rural town in southern Colorado.

I had just moved here from El Paso, TX and I was seeking help for myself and my three little boys. A week after arriving in Southern Colorado, I found an apartment for us but had absolutely nothing but our clothes and a few dollars in my pocket.

Thankfully, I had DACA at the time and was able to get a waitressing job at a very busy restaurant on Main St. I told myself I would work really hard to save up money to buy my kids’ beds, curtains, dishes and food. My mom knew about the Immigrant Resource Center and advised me to go ask about their resources so I did.

I looked up the address online and after arriving I felt really warm and invited. All the ladies treated me so kindly and were so willing to hear what I needed. They asked me about my situation and I was so relieved when they offered clothing, food, items for the apartment and [they] even had toys for my kids to take home!

A few years later, I went back because I was going through a divorce. It was then that I learned about VAWA. Once again they informed me about it and helped me with what I needed along the way.

The people at the office of the Immigrant Resource Center also helped me with the electricity bill, rent, food, and anything else we needed. I am very grateful that they helped us with all the necessary items, but I am most grateful for all the legal guidance they have offered me throughout the years that they've known me; after getting divorced their great help has allowed me to become a permanent resident. I am now a licensed producer in the state of Colorado and help hundreds of people get accident and health Insurance. [Without the IRC] I wouldn’t be here today; my family will forever thank this program.” -DHT


To connect and empower immigrants with resources to achieve legal documentation, fulfill their economic needs, and integrate into the community.

Background Statement

San Luis Valley Immigrant Resource Center (SLVIRC)is a unique non-profit organization and has been providing direct services for the past thirty-five years to indigent, non-English speakers, mostly from Guatemala and Mexico. SLVIRC was founded in 1987, under the auspices of San Luis Valley Christian Community Services to provide immigration legal assistance to the San Luis Valley’s growing immigrant and refugee population who could not afford private attorneys.

In October 2002, SLVIRC broke away from Christian Community Services and applied for its own non-profit status. SLVIRC is currently recognized and accredited as an “Immigration Service Provider” by the Department of Justice and has been accredited for the past twenty years. SLVIRC currently has one Accredited Representative, who is able to provide immigration legal assistance and represent clients before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. There are no immigration attorneys in the San Luis Valley; therefore, individuals seeking services in the San Luis Valley and throughout the state of Colorado have come to rely on the services provided by SLVIRC. In recent years, SLVIRC has expanded its services in response to the recent uptick in federal harmful policies and negative rhetoric directed at immigrants, and increased domestic violence. SLVIRC strives to educate and empower immigrants through advocacy, education, and immigration legal assistance through the three existing programs: Immigration Legal Assistance Program, Por Ti Misma-Assisting Battered Immigrants Program, and Punto de Vista Education/Outreach Program.

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