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At SVP Boulder County, we believe that strong nonprofits make for a strong community. For over two decades, SVP has worked side-by-side with Boulder County nonprofits and our Partner members to help create a community where everyone can thrive.

Nonprofit Testimonials

"Impact on Education experienced unprecedented growth and change over the last few years—doubling our investment in BVSD students—and we're grateful to have had the guidance of SVP Boulder County along the way. From unforeseen challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and the Marshall Fire, to planned expansions of our early childhood education and college and career readiness programs, SVP's support helped us stay focused on what we do best: ensuring students have the resources they need, when they need them." - Allison Billings, Executive Director, Impact on Education

"SVP provided the Watershed Center with fundraising tools and resources and helped grow our staff capacity and confidence in building and executing a development program.  In this way, we’ve been able to bring more resources back to our core mission of protecting and restoring Boulder County’s watersheds for the benefit of the community and the environment." - Jessica Olson, Executive Director, Left Hand Watershed Center

"Working with SVP has been great. We are a brand-new organization and because everything is a learning experience, it has been nice to know that there is a support network in place that not only provides professional expert advice, but cares about the work that is being done. I truly feel that the coaches we were assigned believe in the work we do and want to see us succeed both professionally and personally. We are very grateful for their support and timely check-ins." - Kristen Baltrum, Founder & Executive Director, Annie & Millie’s Place

SVP Partner Testimonials

"As an SVP Partner, I have learned that strengthening our community means working alongside our nonprofit partners with humility, mutual respect, and a commitment to both listening and learning. The opportunity to support multiple non-profits allows us to better understand systemic issues facing Boulder County and how, on a collaborative basis, we can work towards more effective solutions." - Claire Clurman, SVP Partner & Board Member

"SVP is important to me because I am able to connect with diverse and impactful nonprofit organizations in Boulder County, support their missions through targeted engagements, and learn from both nonprofit partners (board and staff members) and SVP Partners alike." - Emily Hinck, SVP Partner 

"As an SVP Partner, I have the unique opportunity to serve as a change agent in the Boulder County nonprofit world. The satisfaction of seeing change occur is not only rewarding but makes me want to do more." - Barb Truan, SVP Partner

"I serve on SVP's board because I believe in the power of Boulder County nonprofits and I love working to enhance their impact." - Molly Ganley, SVP Partner & Board Member


SVP Boulder County harnesses the collective power of nonprofits and philanthropic changemakers to accelerate community impact.

Background Statement

The SVP model was created in 1997, in Seattle, under the inspiration and vision of Paul Brainerd, Aldus Corporation founder and president. Additional founding members include Scott Oki, Ida Cole, Bill Neukom, and Doug and Maggie Walker.

The vision of the founders was to build a philanthropic community using a model that paralleled venture capital practices. This model is known throughout the industry as venture philanthropy or high-engagement philanthropy. Key tenets to this approach of philanthropy include: Long-term, highly engaged investments of money, resources, and business expertise to develop the capacity and sustainability of local non-profits (or, "investees").

As interest in this new investment approach to philanthropy grew, SVP organizations began developing throughout North America and by 2001, the SVP Network was formed to serve the interests of its member organizations. SVP Boulder County was founded in September 2000. Currently there are 40+ SVP affiliate organizations throughout the world.

Social Venture Partners Boulder County believes that strong nonprofits make for a strong community. We invest capacity building efforts (the development of core skills, management practice, strategies, and systems) in local nonprofit organizations, nonprofit staff and volunteer leaders, and givers/philanthropists. We build relationships and create a network that can solve community problems together.

SVP Boulder County serves organizations and people primarily acting within Boulder County.

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Social Venture Partners Boulder County

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SVP Boulder County

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