St. Vrain Community Montessori School

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Like all public schools, SVCMS receives per-pupil funding from the state of Colorado. As a charter school and an authentic Montessori school, we face specific challenges that make it necessary for us to seek supplemental funding from grants, fundraisers, and our family community.


"A PK-8, authentic Montessori? That is the four-leaf clover of public schools. We were lucky to be one of the few families accepted from the lengthy wait list. I look forward to the day when the school can grow and accommodate more of the families who would like to join our community." -Rachel Mueller Barnes

"I haven't found a single staff member or parent yet that I wouldn't trust to raise my children in my absence, and the values & skills & time committed show in every child and their relationships. This place is a haven! I deeply hope as many families as possible can feel such contentment and relief in finding the right niche for all members of their family!" -Amelia Hurst


SVCMS fosters human thriving by nurturing the whole child in an authentic Montessori program as a public charter school.

An Authentic Montessori Education offers

-Teachers credentialed for the level they are teaching, who have the ability and dedication to put the key concepts into practice

-A partnership with families

-A 3 year mixed-age grouping based on Dr. Montessori's Planes of Development: 3-6; 6-9; 9-12

-A full complement of Montessori Materials in every classroom

-An uninterrupted work-cycle, everyday

-An atmosphere that encourages social interaction, peer teaching and emotional development

A public charter school balances Authentic Montessori Methods with a standards-based environment by

-Viewing all students through the lens of Dr. Montessori's Planes of Development

-Aligning Montessori curriculum to state standards

-Participating in required assessments and accreditation processes

-Monitoring progress to inform instruction and optimize achievement of outcomes

Our Vision

SVCMS students will become engaged humanitarians and stewards of the world who act with integrity, kindness, and wonder.

Background Statement

Our Roots

St. Vrain Community Montessori School (SVCMS) was founded by a dedicated group of parents that recognized a need to expand the educational choices offered by the St. Vrain Valley School District (SVVSD) and shared a true passion for the potential of Montessori education.

Our Charter History

In 2007, this core group of over 30 parents, educators, and community members met regularly to form a steering committee and interim Board, which successfully completed a charter school application for a kindergarten through 6th grade school - founding the St. Vrain Community Montessori School.

The SVVSD Board of Education unanimously approved the school's initial charter in October 2008, and by August 2009 the school opened its doors to 99 students.

In 2012, our initial three-year charter was unanimously extended by the St. Vrain Valley School District Board of Education for an additional 10 years.

In 2022, our charter was unanimously renewed for 15 years.

Growth of our Community

Since its founding, SVCMS has added a new grade level every year, hired additional highly qualified Guides, invested in new classrooms, and developed a community space.

The Board of Directors has also established a growth plan that calls for increased classroom capacity at all levels, in addition to more Guides, expanded classrooms, and additional outdoor space.

In a mission-driven decision, SVCMS opened a Middle School in the fall of 2014 with its first group of 7th years and continued to expand the Middle School in 2015-2016 with the addition of 8th years.

Today, St. Vrain Community Montessori School serves a diverse body of over 250 students from preschool through 8th year, ages 3-14, in an authentic Montessori environment.

We strive each day to foster high academic and personal fulfillment for all students while nurturing trusting and productive relationships among students, staff, volunteers, and families.

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