Rocky Mountain Rescue Group

A nonprofit organization

Rocky Mountain Rescue Group is one of the oldest and busiest Mountain Search & Rescue teams in the country. Our all-volunteer membership contributes roughly 16,000 person-hours per year. We count on donations from people like YOU to continue our high level of search and rescue operations.


"I'm writing to say thank you. Thank you for the hard work, dedication, and coordination everyone put forth to get me down safely. If it were not for RMR I would have been in a lot of trouble."
- Matt A.

"Thank you. My faith in humanity was doing all right before this whole incident, but this was an eye-opening experience. Never in my life have I met such an incredible group of people, and never before had I fully realized that there are complete strangers out there who will come through and save your ass when you really need it. And not just save you, but be glad to do it. Just amazing."
-Sara H.

"Thank you so much for locating and rescuing my husband. Myself and his kids are very grateful to all of you."
-Jennifer J.


Rocky Mountain Rescue Group (RMRG) provides:

• Technical Mountain Search & Rescue

• Outdoor Safety Education

• Disaster Response

The mission of the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group (RMRG) is to maintain an active group of volunteers trained and equipped for mountain search and rescue missions, provide outdoor safety education, and to assist in emergencies other than mountain disasters where first aid and rescue services are needed, such as fires, floods, blizzards and civil defense.

Background Statement

In January 1947, the Boulder County Sheriff called several local mountaineers to look for a lost little girl. Despite their best efforts the search was unsuccessful and the girl's body was later discovered close to her mountain home. Tracks in the snow revealed that the searchers came within a few feet of where she was later found. It will never be known if this tragedy could have been prevented had there been an organized mountain rescue team available to respond to such emergencies. Her death and others in the mountains that winter brought concerned community members together to form the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group (RMRG). Founded in 1947, RMRG is one of the oldest mountain rescue teams in the country. RMRG started with volunteers from the community and has kept that all volunteer membership through today. In the early years of RMRG, we operated across the state with very few other mountain rescue resources. Since then, many mountain rescue teams have been established, some of which we helped start. Many of these mountain rescue teams, including RMRG, are part of the Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) which is the premier mountain rescue organization in the U.S. The MRA is responsible for ensuring that its member search and rescue teams achieve minimum search and rescue standards. RMRG operates under contract with the Boulder County Sheriff's Office.

Today, RMRG operates primarily in Boulder County, but still assist with searches and rescues across the state and in other states. Boulder County has terrain that ranges from the plains, to the world class rock climbing areas around Boulder, to the high Indian Peaks that form the continental divide. This highly variable and often technical terrain has produced rescuers that are well trained in a variety of mountain search and rescue techniques. Our all-volunteer membership encompasses about 70 members that respond to calls which typically involve 15 to 25 people.

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