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Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue's mission is to save unwanted animals from being killed in shelters. We spay neuter, medically treat and then place these rescues with foster families until they are adopted to their forever homes. We promote our mission with our Spay it Forward Alliance mobile clinics.

UPDATE : 2022

Here is what you can do to SAVE animals and STOP the suffering….SCHEDULE YOUR RMPR COLORADO GIVES DONATION FOR DEC 5th TODAY!

Colorado Gives day is December 5th. By scheduling your donation to Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue here right now. 

Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue has been transferring, vetting , fostering and rehoming animals from the desert southwest since 2010. In 2012 we added our SPAY IT FORWARD program , spay and neutering owned at risk animals. Unlike other non profits, we actually do the physical work. We do not “ sponsor” with 5.00 or 10.00 per animal but we take our funds and selves and travel to the areas with our medical team and equipment and conduct the clinics in person. Your donations go directly 100 % to stop the over population. Our numbers are solid. We have personally transferred over 11 thousand animals in the last 14 years and we have spay and neutered 8 thousand animals for the public and our rescue.  For 2023 we altered 295 of the publics animals and vaccinated 900. 

The pandemic like for most businesses, hit us hard. We shut down part of 2020 and part of 2021. We have been hit with increases in veterinary bill and our food costs have gone way up, 50% above this year to the year prior. Our adoption numbers are off by 10 %. Our partner no longer honors our food discounts and as a result we are taking a hit. Combine this with increases to transfer costs and Vet costs and we are behind. Despite this we have hit 2023 hard with our PETCO LOVE ADOPTION CENTER that opened on NOV 4th 2023 we are adopting out fixed animals during the week! We have been generously donated a transfer vehicle and we are running animals from kill shelters to our rescue. We have completed 295 Spay surgeries for 2023 and 900 life saving vaccines for the public. As always all RMPR adopted dogs and cats are full vetted and spay neutered PRIOR to adoption. 

Here is what you can do to SAVE animals and STOP the suffering….SCHEDULE YOUR RMPR COLORADO GIVES DONATION FOR DEC 5th TODAY!

RMPR PO BOX 13 Berthoud Colorado 80513 RMPR is a licensed animal rescue : EIN 27 2214963

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Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescue's mission is to save unwanted dogs from being killed due to space in overcrowded shelters. We do not discriminate based on breed. We spay neuter all of our puppies and dogs and place these rescues with foster families until they are adopted to their forever homes. We promote our mission through educating the general public about spaying and neutering their pets and provide services to low income families. We promote proper exercise, feeding, grooming and training. We take pride in the fact that we are a no-kill rescue and placement program that does not eliminate the animals we rescue if they are not adopted within a certain length of time. Rocky Mountain Puppy Rescues' mission is to find loving FOREVER homes for these beautiful creatures through careful placement

Background Statement

How this happened? August 14 2010

A few of us volunteered at a local rescue here in Colorado .Fostering was rewarding but not all needs of the animals were met, we were isolated with our charges and unsupported. Not feeling the most was being done for the sake of the animals, Emma felt inspired. WE CAN DO BETTER!! NO ONE works alone and Emma and Tom, Megan and Joe sat down to hack out the beginnings of RMPR. RMPRs board is going strong and we have expanded and have added many positions. We currently have three event coordinators, a foster coordinator and a Director. Our retention of fosters and volunteers is very good at about 65% and increasing.Many folks have joined the mission and have added many wonderful facets to the group. The group continues to grow and continues to welcome all that want to work toward educating the public about the wonderful animals that have up to this point led marginal lives through no fault of their own. The lives of shelter animals, good, healthy animals in need of a balanced pack leader. RMPR looks to educate the public on the importance and meaning of rescue, and the key to saving them through early spay neuter, proper nutrition and very necessary regular exercise and training. RMPR works with all of these lifesaving factors so that one day the US will realize itself to be a NO KILL NATION!

Here are some statistics that led us to form the ROCKY MOUNTAIN PUPPY RESCUE.

FOUR MILLION: the number of animals that are put to death SIMPLY BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS THEM, NOT ENOUGH ROOM, and because not enough Humane societies are willing to use Rescue groups to save them.ROUGHLY 60 % of all dogs that enter a shelter that is 6 out of 10 are put to death simply because there is no room to keep them. Alarming is the knowledge that 70% of all cats that enter die.

RMPR focuses (for now) on the dogs and puppies and we have added cats. We partner with PETCO LOVE and PETSMART CHARITIES TO REHOME our foster friends

Our mission: To save unwanted animals from needless elimination and to spread the knowledge that there are many desirable beautiful well balanced animals waiting in shelters. We promote spaying and neutering animals at a young age in order to SAVES LIVES.

Since our inception of August 2010 to date, we have collectively saved and successfully vetted, re homed over 11,000 puppies and dogs, cats and now kittens. Foster care rescue benefits are tremendous, we provide the socialization that these animals cannot experience in a traditional shelter setting, enabling these animals to transition to their forever homes and providing puppies with the time sensitive socialization they require to grow to be balanced dogs. RMPR added the saving of cats and kittens to our list. We now bring in over 150 cats and kittens per year!

Golden years: RMPR doesn't just bring in dogs and cats under a year, we also take in those seniors that need more time, need some marketing time with the public to show they have many splendid traits and plenty of GOLDEN years left. As with our puppies we medically treat all adult dogs and provide professional behaviorist training when needed. Most importantly we integrate these adults with our pack in our homes to help dogs nurture each other. Many need to be shown how to behave and there are no better teachers than other dogs, they can communicate and show these misplaced animals the fundamentals of acceptable dog behavior.

How we are different? RMPR is the only Puppy focused rescue in Colorado that spays and neuters all of their animals prior to adoption. We also physically run a SPAY IT FORWARD MOBILE spay and shot clinic in the areas of NM that we pull our dogs from to help STOP the illness and over population. In addition as a 501c3 nonprofit we are fiscally responsible and show where the money goes with less than 30% spent annually on administration costs. RMPR's funding comes from the generous support of the public, grants and program fees and this enables us to do the work of rescue.

Rescues as opposed to shelters: we LIVE with our foster pups, assessing temperament, socializing them to other adults, children, dogs, cats, and animals. We start the training for transition to their new homes. ALL OF THIS IS KEY TO A PUPPIES EARLY DEVELOPMENT! RMPR treats all major and minor illnesses and WE NEVER euthanize due to SPACE OR COST. Going strong since August 2010, we seek to contribute continually to END THE HOMELESSNESS and encourage all to Spay Neuter your animals and spread the word that ADOPTION IS THE ONLY OPTION!


Katherine Cresswell

Jesco (formerly Spencer) had his 8 month check today. When we brought him home he was only 12 lb.s today...60! He loves his daily walks and really wishes the kitty would play with him. Thank you so much RMPR for bringing him into our lives.

Allyson Hope Rose

Seeing the picture of the happy adoptions on RMPR's facebook today made me want to send in some pictures of our wonderful Nala (Hatteras--better known as Fluffy Butt by her foster). We adopted at Boulder Creek Festival when she was just 12 lbs. She is now 30!! She knows lots of tricks and LOVES camping, hiking, and running (and car rides!). She's the best pup and we are so happy with her! Thanks for all you do!

Jackie Montoya

Garlic now Watson! Almost a year and a half years old after adopting him last May! He always smiles (literally), loves to cuddle and is an absolute mommas boy! Thank you RMPR

!Katrina Carter

Here is an update on Thor (Guinness).

He will be 1 year old August 5th.... Over 60lbs and loves to act as though he is as big as his big sister Ellie.

Thor loves chasing the squirrels in the yard, swimming, bringing large sticks in the house and cuddling on the couch with mom.

Jamie Jones

This is Dexter (Emanuel) just over 7 months old breaking 50lbs! He loves to ride in the car, hike and swim! Who rescued who?

Annie French-Mack

Here's Backup, (Bibbi) getting so big! She loves playing and running a lot and super fast in the park

.Lisa Miller

Just wanted to update u guys since I have been seeing some great updates on adopted puppies!

This is Max, he was just a number when we adopted him a year ago on Aug. 12 I think. He is a Aussie mix and can I say he has been absolutely amazing! The best dog ever and he loves his human kids, we call them his babies!

Thank u RMPR for giving us the opportunity to have such a great dog be part of our lives and family! He is a big love!

Theresa Dlugopolsky

I figured I can send you an update of Odin (formally Mr. Hand). We adopted him in August 2011. He's been a great addition to our family.

Tiffany Siefkes

This is Tremec (carson) brings such joy to our house..even though he eats everything. Loves to play with his brother Bo. He also loves to give hugs

Karen Bliss

This is Zeus (Proteus) he loves to go camping and ride on the ATV with his dad. he is now amost 2 yrs old and weighs about 60 lbs. He is so smart and loveable. We love him.

Cheryl Cochran Nicholas

After reading all the updates....thought I better send Shelby loves to hike. She it's the best baby!!!!

Shelly Mizunaga Hora

Miso (Princess) is adapting well to her new home. She is a friendly, playful dog that loves her walks every day. My sons get excited to see her every time we come home and vice-versa.

Lorrel Esterbrook

This is Zero (formerly known as Butter Pecan). He's growing up to be a handsome and smart boy. He's master "sit" and sometimes knows "lay down". He loves playing with our 9 year old female Beagle mix, playing ball, and splashing in his puppy pool. He's trying very hard to make friends with our cats, but right now they think he's too bouncy. He get's a little car sick on longer rides, but he loves going places and meeting new people and seeing new things. Thank you again RMPR for bringing this handsome boy into our lives.

Marie Patinio Sanchez

Hello! Here is nutmeg before and now we have her for a almost 3 years now and shes the best addition to our fam every since. Our daughter alyza calls her sister nutmeg. We didnt change her name too coz Rocky mountain puppy rescue gave her the best name! thanks again for nutmeg!

Mallory Christine

Here is an update on Lucy (formerly Cranium) she fits in perfect in our little family, she even tries to make friends with our cat, Alice, she's a lover and enjoys snuggling with us!! We love her so much and she is an amazing lil pup!! Can't wait to share more photos as she grows! Thanks RMPR!!

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