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The Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue works to find new "forever" homes for Labrador Retrievers and Lab Mixes. We consist of a small group of volunteers that spend countless hours to put in all of the work that is involved with saving our dogs.


When Lilly was initially evaluated by one of RMLR's affiliated vets, it was discovered that she had torn ligaments in both hind legs. That had to be painful! No wonder she walked oddly -- and she was 40 pounds overweight! RMLR paid for the expensive knee surgeries she needed, and her RMLR foster family helped her through months of rehabilitation and weight loss. Her foster family chose to adopt her; Lilly has been with us over a year now. She is smart and healthy and happy and loves to sprint after tennis balls at the dog park. Lilly's message to RMLR is: "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! It is a miracle that I feel this good and I am this loved!

We adopted Avery in September of 2013 from RMLR. She was 4 months old at the time and living with a wonderful foster family and some of her siblings. She has been the sweetest, most loving and wonderful addition to our family. In September of 2014, our first daughter, Alexandra was born. Avery has been Alexandra's protector and best friend. The love playing "catch" together and Alexandra loves giving Avery hugs. We could not ask for a better dog for our young daughter. I know our dog has a great natural temperament, but I know part of this is because of the love and attention she was given as a puppy in RMLR's foster home program. Thank you for all you do RMLR!

Enzo came to our house as a foster dog and we decided that he had to stay forever! We had 13 fosters prior to Enzo, many of which we discussed keeping. Enzo won over not only his foster parents, but quickly became best friends with his 8 year old foster sister. Even his 10 year old foster sister who was fairly picky about who she wanted to be friends with decided that he was a pretty good guy. We continue to foster and Enzo has made best friends with over 30 dogs over the past few years. He teaches them how to play lots of games and shows them that life really is pretty awesome!

Bear came into our lives by chance in January 2012. We were just going to foster him for the weekend until his permanent foster could get him. He was a sad, scared and in poor health. He had been dropped off at a shelter after 8 years with a family and didn't know what was happening. After the first 48 hours with us, his personality slowly started to come out and we saw an amazing, gentle dog with a loving personality. He was also extremely smart! We decided to keep him as a foster to prevent any more confusion and change for him and honestly, we felt that he didn't have much time left and probably wouldn't be adopted. Most days, he struggled to get up from lying down and he didn't have any energy to go for a walk. We took him to several vets and were relieved to find he didn't have a life threatening issue, just a thyroid problem and some bad arthritis. We were so grateful and knew that we couldn't give him up. He had become part of our family and had come into our lives for a reason. After several months of a special regimen, some medications, good food and lots of love, Bear is a now happy, playful, healthy, energetic dog who tows us around the block like he is part of an Alaskan dogsled team! He wins over everyone he meets and we are so grateful that he gets to spend his senior years with us.

The story starts in a house with 2 dogs. We were fairly certain (husband was fairly certain) that 2 dogs was plenty. One day we (most notably wife) saw a picture of Scooter on the RMLR website. One look at Scooters face, and we (wife), decided we had to meet him.
When Scooter arrived from Arkansas, he was covered in dozens of ticks-ears, armpits and other tender regions. We (husband) spent the better part of an afternoon removing those little rascals from our new rascal. Our dear little Scooter was also underweight and malnourished. But even with these health issues, Scooter's sweet disposition and snuggly personality were immediately apparent. In addition to a VERY involved discussion about the puppy's new name, we were faced with the daunting prospect of putting some healthy weight on him. Peanut Butter filled Kongs proved to be just the ticket and he quickly achieved a healthy weight and then some. Initially we were concerned about bringing a lively 1 year old puppy into a home comfortably occupied by 2 senior dogs, age 10. However, Rigby's charming demeanor quickly won them over just as quickly as he had with us. We couldn't be happier with the new addition to our family and are amazed everyday at what a wonderful, sweet and well-behaved boy he is.

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Saving one dog won't change the world, but for that one dog the world is changed forever!

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The Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue was established in November of 2007 and consists of a small group of volunteers. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit and save labs and lab mixes. We have saved over 2,000 dogs since 2007. All of your donation goes directly to the dogs and their care, as we have no staff or administrative costs.

Rocky Mountain Lab Rescue saves labs that are about to be euthanized and places them in their forever homes, alleviating an overburdened shelter population and saving dogs from certain death.

In addition to saving and placing hundreds of dogs each year into forever homes, we help educate the public on the importance of spaying and neutering their pets and teach the public that it is better to adopt and save a life than to buy from a pet store or an unprofessional breeder.

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