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Please consider making a donation to help at risk children in our community. Through a grant selection process, Rocky Mountain Alliance Children's Foundation selects nonprofits that will provide these children with access to meaningful programs and life-changing services.


"Florence Crittenton Services is proud to partner with Rocky Mountain Alliance. The funding we receive from RMA allows us to educate, prepare, and empower our teen mothers and their children specifically through our Early Childhood Education Center and social-emotional development programming. Together with RMA, we are improving the lives and well-being of children in need." - Florence Crittenton

"When I first joined RMA I was nervous about what I was getting myself into. I said I would give it a year and here I am 5 years later as President of the organization. I like to say that our mission is two-fold. We are here to improve the lives and well being of Denver area children in need while also developing the next generation of women philanthropists in Denver. This organization has taught me through experience the skills necessary to be a leader in my community and what it takes to be part of a large, leading Children's foundation in Denver. Not only have I seen personal growth but also personal satisfaction from the charities we have been able to support. Being able to fund 17 amazing charities gives me the drive necessary to keep working hard and putting in the extra hours to make sure we hit our goal. Hearing the stories and seeing the kids makes all the late nights and hard work worth it.

On top of the skills I've taken away and the wonderful work we've done for our community the friendships and the bonds I've created with the other women in RMA has been unbelievable. I never expected to meet so many driven, caring, passionate women. To be able to volunteer next to women who are not only successful in their careers but also want to spend their time off working to help the children of Denver is truly inspiring. RMA has been one of the most incredible experiences and one I will value my entire life." - RMA Member Testimonial

"For the past seven years, RMA has partnered with Denver Public Schools, Department of Extended Learning and Community Schools providing tremendous support to 100's of students across Denver. Through this partnership, students have received needed school clothes and back to school supplies that helps students start school on the right foot. To start school with new clothes and a full set of school supplies is something no kid should have to worry about. RMA ensures the families and students have one less thing to worry about and can feel proud and ready to start a new year. Over the years I have witnessed the great excitement and laughter that radiates over students when they engage in the back to school shopping experience. We sincerely thank RMA for their generosity and most importantly the joy they bring to students during this special event." - Denver Public Schools


Rocky Mountain Alliance (RMA) Children's Foundation is a local non-profit organization with a mission to improve the lives and well-being of Denver-area children-in-need. Run by budding female philanthropists, RMA simultaneously develops professional young women who work together to impact their community.

Background Statement

Active 20-30 International has a rich history of serving local communities and developing leaders since 1922. The organization stretches across the United State with the intent of reaching as many communities and future leaders as possible. The city of Denver boasted an Active 20-30 club since 1987 when the men's chapter, Denver Active 20-30, was formed. Denver area women were inspired to get active after seeing the substantial impact the local men's chapter had in the Denver area. Intending to build on that foundation and good name, but in our own way, we founded our own club from the ground up. These efforts culminated in the chartering of Rocky Mountain Active 20-30 in 2009. Organized by a forward thinking group of professional women as an opportunity to form grass-roots, fundraising-focused organization where women could build leadership and organizational skills while having a positive influence on Colorado's underprivileged youth, we were, and still are, a enterprising and community-focused endeavor. In 2018, Rocky Mountain Active 20-30 changed their name to Rocky Mountain Alliance Children's Foundation; however, our mission has remained the same and drives the important work that we do.

We are an all-volunteer organization of professional women seeking to raise awareness and funds to address the needs of Colorado's children. We are able to fund multiple organizations through a granting process to meet specific criteria. As a group of professional women from the Denver community, we are able to leverage our expertise and contacts in a wide variety of industries and organizations to continually build the RMA brand as we look to expand on the ultimate goal of creating the broadest and most positive impact our community's youth.

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