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The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum (RMQM) is a connection point for quilters to the community of Golden and the world. The museum gives an opportunity for visitors to observe the results of the passion, care, perseverance and love that goes into the making of warmth and comfort items for family & friends and often for people of the community who the quilter doesn't even know. Contemporary quilters still honor the tradition of earlier generations, using scraps, bits of clothing and fabrics that have already served a purpose and now become part of another practical use item. The creativity of the quilter incorporates various techniques to add beauty that brings joy to others as well. Your donation helps pass these characteristics on to new generations: teaching skills, techniques, design concepts and to incorporate passion, care and creativity in their works that convey love, care and comfort to others by their use.

The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum (RMQM) is one of the top 3 museum in the country that calls Golden home, and for 33 years has been a destination location for visitors as well as serving the community and state of Colorado through education programs, classes and it's vast quilt research library, as well as our collection of more than 850+ quilts. The year 2022 resulted in more than 6780 visitors from all over the US and some international locations, and 25 traveling lectures reached over 1200 attendees.  Our newsletter is subscribed to by people in 26 countries

Kid's Kamp sessions, held in June each year are one of the highlights of the year for our volunteers and area kids. Our most recent 2023 Kids's Kamp at RMQM served 26 kids, who had an interest in textile arts, to learn to create something from scrap fabrics and use a sewing machine while incorporating math skills, learning some history of Golden and the westward expansion of the US, and using language and verbal skills to express their artist's vision. 

With their own hands, they created some cards to give to others, and in groups they created 5 charity quilts for the Ralston House, Child Advocacy Center.

Quilting is an art with a history in sustainable practices- creating usable and practical warmth from the scraps of clothing and other fabrics remaining after years of wear. Internal batting to create the warmth was sometimes grasses, straw, newspaper, pieces of other deteriorated quilts or blankets - what ever was available. The Sewer, did their best to create something with some beauty as an expression of their creativity and desire to brighten the spirits of those who would see or use the quilt. Every stitch was made thinking of the comfort and joy that would come to those who would wrap the quilt around themselves for warmth and comfort in often scary and perilous times. 

RMQM continues the practice and philosophy of sustainable practices, being housed in a "green" building of high energy efficient construction, with solar electricity and using LED lighting throughout the offices and galleries. Multi-use spaces use every inch of our space to provide the multitude of classes, lectures, library and office spaces. 

An annual garage sale, serves the quilting community by allowing rehoming of items and helping newer quilters gain tools and supplies to get started, and others to gain supplies and fabrics at affordable prices. 


The mission of the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum is to celebrate people and their stories, to honor quiltmaking traditions, and to embrace the evolution of the art and craft of quilting.

Background Statement

The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum (RMQM) was the dream of long-time Golden resident, Eugenia Mitchell, an intensely frugal and very creative individual who had little use for convention. Eugenia was a passionate quilter and a quilt collector who haunted thrift stores and antique shops in search of treasure. At age 80, she decided that her quilts should be preserved and seen by the public. A museum was needed. Sporting her trademark head-to-toe quilted clothing, Eugenia worked for nine years, holding trunk shows, giving lectures, teaching classes, and talking to anyone who would listen in order to acquire enough money and support to start a quilt museum. The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum opened to the public in 1990 with 101 of Eugenia's quilts as the foundation for the museum's collection.

The museum has grown steadily since its opening in one room containing the exhibit, the gift shop, and storage. In July 2009 the museum and gift shop moved into the 1909 Ashworth Building at 1213 Washington Avenue in historic downtown Golden, Colorado. Most recently in 2015, the museum realized a longtime goal and is now the proud owner of a new building located at 200 Violet Street, Suite 140 & 150 in Golden. The museum hosts quarterly exhibits, tailored tours, and programs for adults and youth. The Sandra Dallas Library contains over 6000 volumes featuring many out-of-print literature, technique resources, historic patterns and research documents. The museum's permanent collection currently contains more than 850 quilts, ranging from early bed covers to contemporary art quilts.

The Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum is the only museum in the Rocky Mountain region that is solely dedicated to preserving and promoting the quilter's art form.

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