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Rocky Mountain Arts Association (RMAA) is the oldest & largest LGBTQ arts organization in Colorado. With our member choruses, Denver Women's Chorus (DWC) and Denver Gay Men's Chorus (DGMC), we have provided inspiring choral performances with themes of social justice, equality, and acceptance for over 40 years.


From a DGMC audience member: “I sat quietly weeping looking at the combination of dance, intergenerational art-making, and collaboration between multiple art groups as a breakthrough moment in the history of the choir. DGMC and RMAA have long traditions of social justice. From the beginning of the choir, the activism around HIV-AIDS, Amendment 2, and Civil Unions are but a few of the examples within our community because those were issues which affected us directly. So too is violence against black people, systemic racism, and the long history violence and oppression in the United States. It showed me a cultural artistic resistance, which means to me getting people to think and, more importantly, to feel differently.”  

From a DWC audience member: “The song ‘You Will Be Found’ was extremely touching, and I think that everyone can relate to it on some level and use that empathy to extend their care and love to others and work on doing things for the greater good.”

From a DGMC audience member: “Art changes culture, that is, the way people think and feel about the world through many small moments of reflection. The combination of multiple art forms in one space pushing for one concept has a manifold increase in the impact on the human mind. The movement of people through that space excites their senses, activates their memory, enforces cognitive re-evaluation around the context of the art. In short, people are paying more attention when all the art comes together. And the fact that multiple generations and multiple institutions and thousands of people were involved means that there is a sizable cultural contribution and shift in the practice of that art. You changed a lot of minds because you made so many hearts feel the depth of your work.”

From a DWC audience member: “The chorus sounded absolutely amazing at this concert, and I always appreciate that there's a theme and message for the performance.”

From a DGMC audience member: "Having been to many DGMC shows over the years and enjoyed them all, we were as delighted as ever by the performance. Even more so than in shows past, we could feel the joy and love emanating from the chorus. It felt very much like the chorus, dancers, and audience felt a collective sense of catharsis after living under the strain of the pandemic for two years and were exuberant in sharing a return to some sense of normalcy. And as much as the show provided a welcome sense of whimsy and relief, it also provided one of the most moving and powerful moments we’ve ever experienced at a live show of any kind. ‘The Seven Last Words of the Unarmed’ moved us to tears as we were left considering the fragility of life, especially in the face of the oppression that has cut short the lives of so many African Americans. It was a truly unforgettable performance.”

From a DWC audience member: “I was especially touched by the tribute to health care workers. The photos that accompanied the piece were very moving.”

From a DWC Audience member: "The emotional power of My Body Voice was incredible...maybe it was the timing...just before the election...maybe it was witnessing a group of women raising their voice as one. I'm not sure I can really put it into words but OMG, it was a truly transformative experience.

From Andrew Lippa, composer: “I want to offer my thanks and gratitude to you and your entire chorus family for presenting Unbreakable.  Clearly, from the obstacles and challenges you’ve described, you all are living out the precise meaning of being unbreakable, and it is your audiences who will be the winners. I wrote Unbreakable and I Am Harvey Milk to do my part: to use my gifts to help uplift our community through song. You all do this every time you step forward to sing, and it is I who am thanking you. I send everyone my love and best wishes. Let your masks be not obstacles but megaphones that will reach that person who has yet to be reached, uplift that person who has yet to be embraced, and enrich that person who has need of your spirit and soulfulness.” 


Mission: Rocky Mountain Arts Association exists to build community through music.

Purpose: The Denver Gay Men's Chorus and the Denver Women's Chorus under the umbrella of the Rocky Mountain Arts Association are dedicated to musical excellence and social justice. We value entertaining, educating, inspiring, and empowering our audiences to create and nurture safe, supportive, and inclusive communities for our singers and for all citizens. We provide a safe environment and community for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer and/or questioning, intersex, and asexual and/or allies to express their artistry. Our performances contribute to the diversity and vibrancy of the arts community in Colorado, and educational, cultural, and social enrichment for our audiences.

Background Statement

RMAA is recognized as one of our state's premier performing arts organizations, producing six subscription concert series each year, and participating in dozens of free community outreach events benefiting nonprofit organizations, advocacy groups and business organizations. The choruses also provide educational programs in Denver area high schools to engage and empower LGBTQ, questioning, and gender nonconforming youth and their allies.

RMAA member choruses have performed in 12 states, the District of Columbia, and Canada; appeared in all of Colorado's top-tier performance venues; commissioned more than 20 new choral works; produced a number of commercial recordings; and performed with several well-known Broadway and television artists. In over four decades of performances, the Denver Gay Men's Chorus and the Denver Women's Chorus have entertained, educated, and inspired over one-half million audience members.

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