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RezDawg Rescue works with communities in the Four Corners area of the southwest to save 2,500 homeless pets each year through transport, fosterage, veterinary care, pet food donations, mobile clinics and adoption. We provide these services in collaboration with tribal communities of the Diné, Ute, and Zuni people. Since 2012, RDR has supported the rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming, and medical care for over 18,500 dogs and cats. Our lifesaving programs are possible thanks to the support of people like YOU. Together we can make a difference!

Community Outreach Effort: NEW DesertDawg Resort and Pet Food Pantry

This expansive property located 30 miles east of Albuquerque, NM, is home to our transport hub, pet pantry storage building, and a dog-friendly rented studio apartment. The transport hub is permitted for 30 rescue dogs to help prepare them for receiving transport partners and foster homes. Our Pet Food Pantry is within a 30’ x 80’ double-insulated Quonset hut and distributes over 26 pallets of pet food plus animal care supplies per month to over 35 rescues, shelters, and animal control officers throughout southern Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona—a service RezDawg is proud to provide as a GOODS Ambassador through Greater Good Charities.


"The pet pantry, vet truck and of course puppies are heartwarming examples of the important work you’re doing that makes a difference to of course the animals, but also the people. I’ve seen it firsthand. Please don’t let anything stop you from continuing! You’re my heroes." 💗 - Holly C.

"It's been a little over a month since we adopted the amazing Jasper or "Jazz"! He is healthy, spirited, super smart, making friends, and just living his best Colorado doggie life! We are so grateful for this amazing soul finding his way into our family... thank you RezDawg Rescue and (foster volunteer) Jennifer R." - Mehgan H.

"I had an awesome experience with RezDawg Rescue's foster parents! They were so helpful before, during, and after the adoption process. They provide great care for these dogs, and I am so happy to have found my boy, Marvin." - Rebecca K.

"I did my first vaccine clinic with RezDawg Rescue in Greeley, CO. I'm a little ashamed that this was my first one after being a volunteer with RDR for many years. It was an amazing experience, truly heartwarming to help so many local people (99.9% of them genuinely appreciative and patient) get the vaccines and microchips that every animal should have at a very low cost. Multiple people reported that they couldn't even get an appt to go to the vet for several months. "

"This was RDR's biggest vaccine clinic to date. The line was at least 60 cars long by the start at the event @ 10am (the vets & techs started working early at 9:37). Some cars just had one dog. Some had up to 9 puppies. RDR delivered vaccinations to nearly 300 animals yesterday."

"The amazing vets and vet techs (only 4 total) worked nonstop all day, staying positive and cheerful the entire time (it takes a special "bedside manner" to treat animals outdoors with their owners right there, yet as quickly as possible) and they made it all look easy. "

Special shout-out to RezDawg Rescue founder Angela Cerci making these clinics happen in lower-income areas where there are "pet care deserts." - Hsun C.

"We found RezDawg after our beloved pup left us at 13.5 years old. We met Leah & her foster dad at a PetSmart event and things looked promising. We asked to meet again so our other dog could meet her too- Leah's foster people made time for that meeting and everyone got along great. We were both touched by just how invested her foster parents were in finding her a good home. There were tears of happiness and sadness as they watched Leah get into the car to go to her furever home. That was almost 4 years ago now... and we still stay in touch with her foster parents."

"If you're looking to adopt a new family member, please (please) consider RezDawg- they are a great group of folks who work to help animals from an incredibly underserved area." - Victor M.

"RezDawg Rescue was a great experience when we considered adding another furry family member. I was smitten for a little jade-eyed girl. But thanks to her authentic, experienced and cautious foster parents, we discovered (unfortunately) that she wasn't the right fit for our family. The foster parents met us for two home visits (COVID masked), to enable all animals to meet. We were so grateful that our RezDawg fosters could make this critical step possible, because in the process, we discovered a prey drive for cats that would not be safe for all involved. Though unfortunate, it was the right decision. We truly appreciated their objective eye, cautious introduction approach and open communication throughout the vetting process. Ultimately, the jade-eyed girl found her forever home with another family of fur sisters (canine only)-a much better fit. So everything worked out positively in the end." - Katy S.

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RezDawg Rescue works with Indigenous and rural communities throughout Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona to support pets and their people through animal rescue, rehabilitation, fostering, and adoption. We also provide mobile vet clinics and a pet food pantry for the most underserved communities in the Four Corners Region. Since 2012, we have supported the transformation of over 18,500 dogs and cats thanks to an extensive network of rescues, shelters, and animal-loving partners. Together, we save lives!

Background Statement

Founder and Executive Director Angela Cerci started RezDawg Rescue while working through Teach for America on the Navajo Nation in New Mexico in 2010. She was struck by the enormity of the stray dog problem in the region and was compelled to help. She began taking in stray dogs off the streets and from high-volume shelters, and quickly found herself cohabitating with a rotating stream of 15+ dogs in her small home. Angela quickly became known in the area as "the dog lady," and soon boxes of puppies were being abandoned at her door. She picked up litters of puppies that were living under her classroom trailer and answered calls for help with local injured animals and from pet owners in the community.

But the efforts of just one person were nowhere near enough. By no fault of their own, the local shelter was euthanizing an astounding proportion of the 6,000 animals coming in each year. RezDawg Rescue was founded to help face the crisis.

Moving to the Colorado Front Range area in 2013 gave Angela access to dog-loving communities that offered a wealth of fosters, volunteers, and eager adopters—the very people that make RezDawg Rescue work! Angela established the transport program that delivers animals in desperate need to Colorado foster homes, and then to connect them with adopters. Transport is the essential foundation of our rescue operations. Since inception, RezDawg Rescue has transformed the lives of over 15,000 pets.

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