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Help us Van-ish Barriers!

This Colorado Gives Day, REVEL is asking you to help us van-ish barriers! REVEL is expanding, and we are going places! So far in 2023, REVEL has directly served 78 people. We are in need of extra transportation to go on outdoor adventures, get to our places of employment and volunteer sites, and explore the community. We plan to use donations to purchase a new van and support our programming to explore the community.

We appreciate your generosity! Donations in any amount fuel our mission and get us closer to purchasing a new vehicle and getting to our destinations.

Learn About REVEL

Adults with autism and IDD face barriers that can make life more difficult. Whether they’re experiencing sensory issues, social complications, or other challenges, the barriers will look different for each person. The biggest problem though? These barriers are often, if not always, invisible to those around them.

From Isolation to Integration

REVEL’s mission is to support adults in removing the barriers that Autism and IDD can create in their everyday lives. We are committed to helping these adults practice the skills necessary to make those barriers disappear and developing understanding in our community for how autism and IDD affect each individual.

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We asked a parent: 

Q. What makes REVEL different from other programs you’ve experienced? 

A. The staff at REVEL are proactive instead of reactive. They think ahead as to what a client might need and build programming to meet those needs. They listen to me and my son, Connor, and come up with behavioral interventions and plans that not only make sense, but they stick to them as well.

My son can be unpredictable  - like others who have autism - but instead of waiting for those behaviors, REVEL is looking for ways to predict the unpredictability and act upon the patterns. Stacey, one of REVEL’s BCBAs, was able to recognize the pattern of Connor ‘coming in hot’ recently. Not long after, Stacey met us at the door and was excited because she had proactively developed something to help; just 10 minutes later we received a follow up call that he was doing great. 

REVEL follows through on behaviors and plans and takes data to monitor how things are working. In every group or activity, there is a constant evaluation of ‘what can we do tomorrow to make sure this goes smoother.’ Because of this, each one of the gang (REVELers) are still being looked after individually even when they are in the group. REVEL is always getting better. 

Read more about Connor's story on our social media channels. 

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REVEL is the bridge to adulthood for people with autism spectrum disorder to live meaningful, enriched lives. We provide opportunities for people to:

Connect | Work | Learn | Live | Explore new interests

Our purpose is to fight the potential isolation, depression, unemployment and risk factors related to quality of life by providing therapeutic and natural opportunities to teach life skills that enhance the lives of teens and adults with autism, encouraging them to reach their fullest potential.

Background Statement

In 2016, REVEL originated from a core group of dedicated professionals who focused on providing therapeutic behavioral services to children diagnosed with autism. However, it soon became clear that the supports provided during the school years were not sufficient once these clients began to approach graduation. As young adults turn 21 years old, the services available through high school and transition programs end and the “cliff” begins. Programs and funding for adults with disabilities are limited, resulting in a lack of social interaction with others, increased rates of social isolation, depression and unemployment. REVEL strives to provide a bridge for this undeserved group, and is committed to creating opportunities for these individuals to become active, integrated participants in their community, living fulfilling lives and reaching their fullest potential. We create an accepting community for teens and adults with autism to connect, work, learn, live, and explore new interests together with their peers. Through our comprehensive programming, partnerships and integration with the community, REVEL’s reach is always expanding. What began as a lounge to provide a safe place for social interaction, is now providing person-first services and supports, including therapy and vocational development. As REVEL continues to grow, we see a life without limits for our participants, where they achieve individualized independence and find meaningful roles in their communities.

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