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Your tax-deductible donation helps us continue to serve our community by developing new and innovative adaptive music programs, providing financial assistance and scholarships, offering low-cost community classes, and working every day to increase access and help make more things Possible with Music


"The team at RRMT is professional, supportive, and friendly. You can see the attention they give to doing what they believe will produce results even if it is over the long haul."
- Stroke Patient
"We are all survivors in this choir, and we are all working on our recoveries. Whether it's to get better at singing or using singing as a gateway to being able to speak, [...]we understand each other & what it's like to rebuild ourselves. The acceptance, support & encouragement in [The Rocky Mountain Aphasia Chorale] is so motivating."
--Rocky Mountain Aphasia Chorale Member
"Music therapy is fun! I look forward to coming each week, and with consistent practice at home, I have experienced significant improvement in my fine motor skills and my ability to mentally focus."
- Workman's Comp Patient
"Everyone at RRMT is enthusiastic about their chosen profession. As a participant in a research study, I worked briefly with several different therapists. The environment at RRMT is very comfortable and welcoming, a happy place!"
- Brain Injury Patient
"RRMT has has gone above and beyond the scope of just my daughter's therapist. They're warm and welcoming, and I can tell that music therapy triggers her brain. She loves it!"
- RRMT Parent
"When I am struggling with fine motor control or have attention difficulties due to Parkinson's disease, I can usually lessen those symptoms by practicing the skills that I have been working on in my NMT sessions. Also, I am just really enjoying being able to play the piano!"
- Parkinson's Patient
"I trust RRMT's philosophy and approach because of the progress my son has shown through the years of working with them. Music therapy has increased his strength, speech loudness, mobility, balance and fine motor skills."
- RRMT Parent
"Having this consultation changed the the way I taught. Having small adaptation ideas handed to me was amazing. I was able to start implementing them right away, which got the ball rolling in my head for other ways to help all my students succeed."
- JeffCo Music Educator
"Our son has always been drawn to music and so it was clear to us to get him involved in music therapy as soon as we found out about it. It's been an extremely natural fit for him and one of the best decisions we've made for him so far. We've seen him thrive and advance much further with music therapy than with any other therapy!"
- RRMT Parent
"Our son has learned how to be much more social with his peers, which his music social group has played a big role in. He is able to focus and communicate his thoughts and feelings much better. We couldn't be happier with RRMT and we're so incredibly grateful and happy we found RRMT!"
- RRMT Parent
"We have thoroughly enjoyed working with [Rehabilitative Rhythms] and learning the various techniques that [are used] with our son to encourage him to talk and sing, as well as pay attention. His speech has improved tremendously throughout the years while having music therapy!"
- RRMT Parent
"The rhythm of music helps our daughter to better organize and produce louder, clearer, more frequent expressive language."
- RRMT Parent
"My son has tried therapies such as Acupuncture, horseback riding, and ABA, but music therapy fosters his creativity, self esteem, learning different topics, focus, self regulation, and more. Music is part of who he is."
- RRMT Parent
"We have seen a great improvement in my sister since she started the music therapy. She is now able to sing songs and even communicate with words and sentences. It warms my heart when she says "I love you."
- Aphasia Patient Caregiver
"Music therapy has made my life and my wife's life better because I am able to do more things without her assistance. Before music therapy, I needed more help with daily routines and figuring out what to do next."
- Stroke Patient
"We had so many doctors say 'he won't walk or talk again' and music therapy helped with those things. It was an exceptional experience!"
- Workman's Comp Caregiver


Our mission is to expand public access to innovative music-making and music therapy services.

Our vision is to increase access to services that unlock potential and improve quality of life. We strive to provide family and patient-centered care, advance research, and facilitate collaboration in an environment inclusive of neurologic and developmental differences.

Background Statement

Rehabilitative Rhythms was founded as a small business in 2005 to serve individuals with neurologic and developmental differences with music therapy services. Since then, we have grown as an organization with a single therapist to a team of 8 Board-Certified Music Therapists and a nationally accredited music therapy internship!

We transitioned to a nonprofit organization in 2020 in order to better serve the community and live out our mission of expanding access to both innovative music-making opportunities and music therapy services in Colorado.

In addition to traditional music therapy services, we founded the Rocky Mountain Aphasia Chorale for stroke survivors in 2018, provide consultations to music educators in several school districts to increase accessibility and inclusivity in their classrooms, started an adaptive music lab for individuals to get back to making music in their daily lives and in the community, and are actively engaging in research partnerships to advance our understanding of music therapy and its benefits.

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