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Funds from Colorado Gives Day will support Red Ribbon Project in maintaining our current services and eventually expanding the breadth and depth of our programs to meet demands for all program requests. During the summer of 2021, a focus group was formed to steer the development of our programs.


Comments from teachers about our Youth Education programs:

5/6 Teacher at local middle school: ""Thank you Robin and Jerry for your time today. I've always known Red Ribbon Project through teacher word-of-mouth and the feedback from my own daughter who is now in 8th grade at ECCA. But until today, I have not sat through a presentation first-hand. Though I only saw the 6th grade girls section, I heard from my son (5th grader) and countless other students and parents only positive reactions. I can't thank you enough for your tone, grace, and poise in teaching a sensitive topic with tact and practicality. You answered every question respectfully, managed varied emotions: from silly to shy to outright scared, and made the two hours fun and enlightening. What a gift that the students in our valley have to be a part of the Red Ribbon Project. Thank you for being an invaluable resource."
7th grade science teacher "The Red Ribbon Project Health Educator was very personable, comfortable with the students, and well prepared. She handled all questions in a professional manner"
5th grade teacher on Bullying presentation "That was perfect! Just what they needed to hear! You could feel the atmosphere in the room change when you began teaching."
10th grade High School teacher "It is important for our students to hear the truths from the topics and to have conversations with our community members on these topics"
9th grade High School teacher "Thank you for being willing to take on the tough job of telling it like it is!"
10th grade High School Teacher "Thank you for a beautiful presentation! The class was fantastic! The students walked away with more knowledge and more confidence"
Middle School Counselor "Thank you for being willing to tackle these important issues not addressed in curriculum, however they are sometimes more important"
Middle School Counselor at BCMS "As a middle school counselor, my time is limited to provide the information that is offered by The Red Ribbon Project to our 6, 7, 8th grade students. The Project allows me to be able to schedule classes for each grade level with a presenter that has carefully planned lessons in the topics offered. The topics specifically tailored to each grade level is extremely helpful in reinforcing healthier lifestyle choices".

Testimonial for Financial Support to HIV+ Residents in Eagle County:
Red Ribbon Project's program "providing financial assistance to HIV + residents in Eagle County" has helped my family tremendously over the years. My daughter was born with HIV and is now 27 years old, a "miracle child" but still struggling with health issues. As you may know, the medical bills are astronomical for someone living with HIV. We, as a family, continue to struggle to make ends meet and the financial support from Red Ribbon Project is something that we have been able to rely on each year.


Red Ribbon Project started in 1996 with hopes of building HIV/AIDS awareness. Our mission is "We promote healthier lives by empowering the community to reduce teen pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and other STIs". RRP impacts youth with powerful mentorship that inspires self confidence and healthy decision making. The common theme in all of our efforts is that we jump in to keep kids aware of the consequences of risky behavior, and we lift them up with character development and social emotional learning opportunities.

Background Statement

Since its inception in 1996 Red Ribbon Project (RRP) has served Eagle County as a nonprofit with a focus of HIV/AIDS awareness, prevention and education. The organization originally formed in order to address a gap in services and systems for the prevention of HIV. Since then the organization has continuously evolved to address HIV through a broad look at many of the social determinants of health. For twenty-four years the RRP has provided Youth Skills Building (YSB) classes, free HIV testing, educational resources, teenage pregnancy prevention programming and condoms to the Eagle County community. RRP has also provided connections to financial, medical, and emotional resources for those affected by HIV.

Recognizing the inter-relatedness between HIV, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and teen pregnancy the RRP enhanced and expanded the mission in 2010. The mission statement is to "promote healthier lives by empowering the community to reduce teenage pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and other STIs".

The meaningful, collaborative relationships the RRP has built with the school district, health and medical agencies, and youth serving organizations assures the RRP's comprehensive programming for youth and adults compliments and enhances the work of RRP's partners, yet avoids duplication. Collaborative relationships provide sustainability to the organization and the work by using resources efficiently. A cornerstone of the RRP's work is it's Youth Skills Building (YSB) program. RRP realizes that education alone will not impact behavior. Our education programs have evolved to develop students' skills at decision-making, self-awareness, coping, self efficacy, and conducting healthy relationships; all of which bring spillover benefits to other youth issues such as violence and substance abuse prevention. Thus, prevention programming focuses on celebrating and strengthening existing positive behaviors as well as building resilience and skills to improve behaviors. RRP wants to help raise kids who are responsible, productive, employable members of our community.

In addition to skills building, classes teach factual sexual health information ranging from maturation classes for 5th and 6th graders to the epidemiology of HIV and STIs for an older audience. These classes fill an important gap for Eagle County youth who, due to budget cuts at Eagle County schools and parent reluctance to teach these taboo topics, would not receive this education otherwise. The safety of young people is a community concern. Interventions that help young people learn to make better choices is an effective component of a larger commitment to youth development and healthy communities.

From very modest beginnings, Red Ribbon Project has evolved into an effective and sustainable organization over the past 25 years. Until twelve years ago, Red Ribbon Project was a 100% volunteer organization. There is a misconception that Eagle County, being a resort community, does not have a large at-risk population. This is not the case. Red Ribbon Project strives to impact all youth in middle and high schools, and has expanded our programming to target a high risk group for teen pregnancy.

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