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Realities For Children serves the unmet needs of abused and neglected children in Larimer County, Colorado. Partnered with 40 Partner Youth Agencies, Realities For Children creates a safety net of services providing community awareness, youth activities, and emergency funding when all other resources are exhausted.


"On behalf of the Larimer County Department of Human Services, I would like to extend my greatest appreciation to the members of Realities For Children. Every single day, in our community, children are identified as being in harm's way due to the neglect and abuse they are subjected to. It takes a community, not a single agency, to develop solutions to help kids. Thank you for supporting our efforts to protect our most vulnerable citizens. "

 - Angela Mead, Deputy Division Manager, Larimer County Department of Human Services

"Realities For Children plays a valuable role in our mission to assist young victims of domestic violence. We call on them frequently to assist children who need food, clothing, or transportation. Realities For Children is an integral part of our services. We greatly appreciate their support." 

- Executive Director, Alternatives to Violence

"Lutheran Family Services of Colorado greatly appreciates our longstanding service partnership with Realities For Children. Countless children and families served through our programs have been strengthened by their generosity and concern for the vulnerable. The participating business members of Realities For Children are truly a blessing to this community."

 - Jim Barclay, President/CEO, Lutheran Family Services

"When you have nowhere else to turn, Realities For Children is there."

- Barbara Baldovin, Foster Care Coordinator, Jacob Center

"The Family Center has been an Affiliate Agency of Realities For Children for over 11 years and the support we receive is invaluable to our agency. Realities For Children is a strong partner that helps us raise both funds and friends that support our work with children. Each year Realities helps us to create opportunities for hundreds of families we serve to attend activities they might not have had the resources to participate in. We are so proud to partner with such a forward-thinking group of people who are as passionate about helping children as we are."

- Herman Tearman, The Family Center/La Familia

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Realities For Children is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to serving the unmet needs of abused and neglected children in Larimer County, Colorado. Partnered in service with 40 local Partner Youth Agencies, Realities For Children is able to create an effective safety net of services for the most vulnerable members of our community, providing:

1. Emergency Funding

2. Youth Activities & Special Programs

3. Community Awareness

4. Event Sponsorship for our Partner Agencies

5. Facility Space

6. Item Distribution

United with Realities For Children's alliance of over 260 local Business Members which underwrite the administration of all programs and services, RFC is uniquely able to ensure that 100% of every dollar donated is able to directly benefit abused and neglected youth locally, creating one of the most efficient collaborations among Community Members, Business Leaders, and Human Services possible to help ensure that no child is forgotten.

Background Statement

The founder of Realities For Children is a former child protection case manager with Larimer County Child Protective Services. After years of seeing children slipping through the cracks of the system, he dedicated his efforts to create a safety net of service and funding for children who have faced abuse and neglect so no child would be forgotten. He called this safety net Realities For Children.

During the process of creating the program's core services, it became apparent that to truly see no child is forgotten, it would be essential to unite the many valuable youth organizations that provide for at-risk youth in collaborative service. To address these issues and create a resource that could both unite agencies and the community in service, Realties For Children created a program that would be non-competitive to the agencies they support. To do this, all the administrative costs for services would need to be underwritten privately. It was this interest in creating a collaborative alliance of youth agencies that lead to the innovative design of Realities For Children which has redefined the concept of fiscal efficiency and gained national attention.

Realities For Children has always embraced a healing philosophy that identifies and supports three essential legs of service in providing for children who have faced abuse and neglect. The first leg of service requires we identify and meet the immediate, unmet, and emergency needs so that no child in need is forgotten. The second leg requires effective support services once emergency needs have been met so that the healing process along the path of recovery can begin. The third leg focuses on the provision of services that equip, support, and provide resources so that as children grow they are empowered to break the cycle of abuse. Each of Realities For Children's six Core Services and Programs is designed with the intent to strengthen a specific leg within the healing process.

Realities For Children illustrates the power of private-social partnerships and has been honored in the business, human services, and governmental sectors universally for its ability to unite in the fight against child abuse.

In dedicating efforts towards agency collaboration, community education, and immediate support to children in need, Realities For Children have effectively created an opportunity for everyone to make a difference in the life of a child.

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