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The Sutherland Center has suspended its services. However, your donations will still be earmarked to help our future clients once we reopen and offer our services with a more sustainable funding model. Thank you for supporting our mission.


"Thank you for the great things you do so that people with Bipolar like myself can get the help we so need. Without what you do, we would just have to continue suffering with this challenge. I know I did for too many years.

My life has been impacted by the help offered at The Sutherland Center in so many ways that I may not be able to cover them all, but I'll try. I came to the Center almost straight from hospitalization due to a manic episode. I was immediately placed on medications that I still take because they have been effective. Without the Center's provision, made possible as I understand it by financial providers or sponsors, I would not be able to receive them. I am very thankful!

I also started therapy shortly after that, as well as being involved in various group modules. These have made such a difference in how I view my situations, relationships, and myself. Again, provision has been made available by the Center!" - Psychotherapy and medication management patient


The Robert D. Sutherland Memorial Foundation helps people affected by bipolar disorder to lessen the symptoms of the illness, decrease suffering, and create opportunities for them to experience increased joy and engagement in their lives, regardless of their financial capacity, or their individual visible or invisible qualities.

By recognizing that bipolar disorder causes people and their families to experience more suffering than they have to, we: thoroughly evaluate and diagnose our clients; use evidence-based treatments; educate people about the illness; and teach them how to manage symptoms and prevent relapse.

We believe that anyone affected by bipolar disorder does not have to suffer needlessly.

[In the fall of 2019, the RDS Foundation Board of Directors made a determination that the funding model of the Sutherland Bipolar Center was no longer sustainable. The success of our clinic had outlived the availability of financial resources, and therefore, the Board decided to suspend services beginning May 2020. The Board remains committed to the task of helping those with bipolar disorder receive the specialized treatment they need. In that vein, we are working hard on formulating a strategy to provide our services to the Front Range community, with a sustainable funding model. Donations received through CO Gives will be reserved for when we reopen. Thank you for supporting our mission.]

Background Statement

The Robert D. Sutherland Memorial Foundation (RDS) is a Colorado-based nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with bipolar disorder and their families through diagnosis, comprehensive treatment, and education. Bipolar disorder, also known as manic-depressive illness, affects over 2 in 100 people and is characterized by extreme shifts in mood, energy, behavior, and functioning. On average, there is an eight-year lag between an individual's first episode of mania or depression and the first time he or she is actually diagnosed and treated. Episodes can persist for days and, sometimes, even months. If left untreated, the extreme effects of the disorder can disrupt a person's ability to lead a long, productive, and fulfilling life, and sometimes leads to death by suicide.

During his lifetime, Robert D. Sutherland was a successful businessman and philanthropist. Not only was he the owner of Sutherland Lumber in Boulder, Colorado, but he was also the founder of The Colorado Grand, a long-time supporter of the Foundation. Remarkably, Robert Sutherland accomplished all of this while struggling with bipolar disorder throughout his adult life. Unlike many others, Mr. Sutherland had access to quality medical support and treatment for his mental illness. He stands as an example of someone who benefited significantly from consistent and comprehensive care, making it possible for him to overcome many of the daily challenges associated with bipolar disorder.

Shortly after Mr. Sutherland's death, his son, Robert Sutherland Jr., and several close friends founded the Robert D. Sutherland Memorial Foundation to continue his legacy of generosity in the community. In 2001, the organization provided the initial grant funding needed to establish the Robert D. Sutherland Center for the Evaluation and Treatment of Bipolar Disorder at the University of Colorado Boulder. In January 2002, the Sutherland Bipolar Center took in its first client. Until May 2020, the Center provided state-of-the-art treatment to individuals with bipolar disorder who could not afford or were otherwise unable to obtain comprehensive psychiatric and psychological services in the community because they were unable to meet financial requirements. We also helped those who were able to afford our services; we worked hard not to turn anyone away. Through the Foundation, we build on the late Robert D. Sutherland's vision and belief that when properly treated, bipolar disorder can be managed and those affected can regain control over their lives. We believe that anyone affected by bipolar disorder does not have to suffer needlessly.

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