Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue

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Be a homeless rabbit's hero! We rescue, rehabilitate, and find loving forever homes for abandoned house rabbits. Your donation directly helps them - from providing urgent medical care, healthy food, and critical supplies for sheltered bunnies, to offering education and support for rabbit parents.


"December 1st marks my 10th anniversary as a volunteer at RMHRR. The organization not only finds "forever homes" for bunnies in our care, it also provides support and instruction to anyone adopting a bunny, even to persons who already have a bunny, but still have questions. These free classes have helped so many knowing that their bunny is properly cared for. Unfortunately, many people adopt a bunny without knowing basic information such as correct handling and feeding of their new pet. The comments we get from those who have taken a class proves that education is just one of the important services we provide - at no charge..We are so grateful for all those who donate making it possible for us to continue this work. " - Sallie B., Broomfield, CO, Dec. 2022

"I'm forever indebted to the Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue for bringing sweet, sassy Sage into my life...and my heart. The support and resources provided to me during the bunny bonding process were invaluable. The example that the RMHRR sets for the care of these lovable, comical creatures is one that should be mirrored by all. Please support this extraordinary cause. " - Kristy S., Denver, CO, Nov. 2022

"I adopted all eight of my rabbits from the Colorado House Rabbit Society, which is a wonderful resource with dedicated volunteers who donate their time providing care to dozens of domestic rabbits daily, coordinating spay/neuter surgeries with knowledgeable rabbit vets, and educating humans about how to create a safe and loving home for their bunny friends. The volunteers will even answer a call in the middle of the night if your rabbit is in trouble and you don't know what to do. Give to them! It's a worthy way to spend your money. They need your help to keep their doors open and continue to provide this fabulous care." - Kim V., Casper, WY, Nov. 2020

"COHRS is such a wonderful organization. They take in surrendered & abandoned rabbits from everywhere. Once they are in the COHRS, they get the best of everything.
They are lucky to have COHRS to take them in and work with them to find their forever homes. We adopted a bunny to pair with another bunny, and discovered that the amount of advice and support the volunteers there offer is incredible! They answered all of our questions, and helped with health care." - Jess S., Colorado Springs, CO, Nov. 2020

"I gave COHRS a five star rating online because the volunteers rehabilitated Walter,
oversaw his pairing with Mable, and educated me about their needs and daily care. I also really agree with the COHRS philosophy that rabbits belong in the home, where they are safe from the harsh elements, insects, and predators." - Julie M., Amarillo, TX, Nov. 2020


The mission of Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue is to rescue abandoned house rabbits and find permanent homes for them, to educate rabbit parents, and to assist humane societies and other community groups through publications on rabbit care, phone consultations and classes, upon request.

Background Statement

The Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue is a 501(c) non-profit organization, and a chapter of the national House Rabbit Society since October of 1998. We are a 100% volunteer-driven organization. We have grown to a diverse team of hundreds of volunteers trained to help rescue house rabbits, provide expert care and rehabilitation to restore them to health, to place each rabbit in a loving forever home, and to provide expert support to rabbit parents. We help hundred of rabbits every year, and our shelter is currently home to around 70 rabbits available for adoption. We also have our own store, the "Binky Boutique," where rabbit parents can get top quality supplies, snacks, and fun bunny toys handmade by our talented volunteers.

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Rocky Mountain House Rabbit Rescue

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RMHRR, Colorado House Rabbit Society

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