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At the Rocky Mountain Children's Law Center, we believe every child should have the opportunity to thrive. We envision a world that values childhood and provides a bridge to adulthood that supports every young person's journey. 

We have big dreams - for our organization and for young people across Colorado. Through our pro bono and low-cost legal advocacy, we work to restore safety, stability, connection and opportunity for children and youth who have experienced trauma or instability. We meet children and their families where they are - providing a listening ear where a young person may not have had one before; keeping children safe from the domestic violence in their home; helping caregivers access the resources and court orders they need to provide safety and stability for the children in their care; ensuring equitable access to education; and supporting young people who have experienced foster care or homelessness in building toward stability and achieving their goals. 

Donations to RMCLC this Colorado Gives Day qualify for a Colorado Child Care Tax Credit - please reach out to for more information. 

Thank you for supporting our advocacy and creating more opportunities for young people to thrive! 


Rocky Mountain Children's Law Center advocates for children and youth, drives systemic reform, and boldly challenges the status quo so that every young person who has experienced trauma or instability has the opportunity to thrive.

Background Statement

Founded in 1981, RMCLC is Colorado's only nonprofit law firm specifically focused on providing a full spectrum of advocacy services to meet the needs of children and youth who have experienced abuse, neglect instability or other trauma. At the time of our founding, RMLC had a narrow focus, specifically advocating for those impacted by the foster care system. Over the last four decades, however, we have had the opportunity to continually reflect on the needs of those we serve and adapt our programming to fill ecisint gaps in advocacy for children and youth, recognizing that experiences of trauma or instability extend well beyond the child welfare arena.

Today, we take a broader approach. Far too often, the needs of children and youth are not naturally met - by parents, families, schools and others. The barriers young people then face in achieving safety, stability, connection and opportunity are best addressed through legal advocacy. That's where RMCLC steps in to help.

Our multidisciplinary teams of lawyers, social workers, and other clinical staff support young people and their families during many key moments throughout a young person's development. We serve a diverse group of clients across our programs. They are children who need protection from witnessing or being subject to domestic violence in their homes. They are caregivers who have opened up their homes to children whose parents are unable to meet their needs. They are young people who have experienced foster care or homelessness and now face significant barriers in their transition to adulthood. Almost all of those served by RMCLC are considered low income and are only able to benefit from legal representation because of our low cost and pro bono services. And as a nonprofit, our community of supporters make it all possible.

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