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Educational equity has never been more important. We are RISE-ing to meet this moment. Join us in taking on the opportunity gap and gaps in academic achievement that have been exacerbated by the pandemic by supporting those most impacted by educational inequity. RISE WITH US!


At RISE Colorado, we support low-income families, families of color, and immigrant and refugee families to gain the skills and tools necessary to support their children's education. In a school district where just over half of students graduate high school, families must be empowered to ensure their children make it to graduation and beyond. We believe that all children deserve a high-quality education and for that to be a reality in Aurora, we need your support!

RISE testimonials:

"Now, I know that I have power. I know that I can change things even though this is not my native country, this is not my native language. I have power and I can help my community do better and change these educational inequities."
Diana, RISE Family Leader

"[RISE is] a group of different parents from different backgrounds, different races, all coming together just to know what's going on with our children, and what we need to do to make sure all of our children can be successful."
Alexis, RISE Family Leader

"Some of the concrete evidence of RISE's impact with families at Jamaica Child Development Center has been families showing up to events, families asking questions about their students and what they can do at home to further their students' success." Corrie Whitfield, RISE Educator Leader

"I want to be more accountable for the choices that I make in my children's education but I also want to hold my teachers accountable and hold school leaders and school board members accountable for the choices they're making and that impacts so many children and my own." Sipinga, RISE Family Leader

"It's imperative that we have family as a part of what we are doing. Another piece that's really impacted the work that we do is the support that RISE has given teachers in developing them as leaders and helping them found their voice in working with our families." Anita Walker, School Leader, Jamaica CDC


RISE Colorado works to Educate, Engage, and Empower low-income families and families of color to RISE as change agents for educational equity in our public school system.

Background Statement

RISE Colorado was founded in May 2012. As women of color working in various capacities in the education sector, the co-founders of RISE were consistently disappointed that the voices of families most impacted by educational inequity were absent from decision-making tables. Together with a group of thought partners, RISE Colorado was created to Educate, Engage, and Empower low-income families and families of color to RISE as change agents for educational equity in our public school system. RISE Colorado is founded on the belief that families are crucial to student and school success. Through knowledge building, organizing, and leadership development, Family & Student Leaders will end educational inequity. They are active leaders who have a voice and the tools to define, demand, and lead systemic change to transform our public schools.

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