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There are many amazing animals, like Arya the elephant, whose stories demonstrate Project AnimalAid's impact. Arya lived a sad and neglected life prior to her rescue. Now, thanks to Wildlife SOS, Project AnimalAid, and donors like YOU, Arya received the veterinary care she needed and lives in comfort.


"Project V.E.T.S. (now Project AnimalAid) is known among animal shelters and sanctuaries in developing countries as the leading donor of veterinary supplies. Furthermore, the materials they contribute are very useful, rather than unwanted cast-offs. They have made it possible to save the lives of countless animals in need throughout the world and prevent many more unwanted births."
-Gregg Tully, Executive Director, Pan African Sanctuary Alliance (Recipient Organization)

"Project V.E.T.S. (now Project AnimalAid) is helping animals of the world AND helping our environment. I am an emergency nurse and regularly "recycle" the unused instruments from our disposable suture trays through Project V.E.T.S. If I did not have this organization to whom I can send these items and know that they will be put to good use to care for animals, they would go into our landfill. I love animals and love being able to do some small part in helping them through Project V.E.T.S."
-Anne May, RN BSN, Emergency Nurse (Supply Donor)

"We were in need of exam gloves and I was able to hold off ordering more for a bit due to this donation. Julie, our foster coordinator was thrilled with the disposable gowns as she is caring for some kittens with ringworm! We are all enjoying the books especially the Pets Playground one for our junior volunteers to read. We are just delighted and grateful for everything."
-Forgotten Felines of Sonoma County (Recipient Organization)


Project AnimalAid (previously Project V.E.T.S.) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the health and welfare of wildlife, companion and working animals by collecting medical, veterinary and pet equipment, technology and supplies from veterinary and human hospitals, manufacturers, individuals and other non-profits. These items are then distributed to veterinarians working with non-profits or non-governmental organizations worldwide who are also devoted to improving animal health and welfare. The support these partners receive from Project AnimalAid allows them to provide critical services to the animals in their care. Vaccination against ravaging diseases, supplies for surgical procedures and wildlife intervention, and sterilization campaigns are some examples of the uses that items distributed by Project AnimalAid have supported.

Project AnimalAid goals are twofold: 1) to keep valuable medical/veterinary equipment and supplies from being wastefully discarded, and 2) to have them put into the hands of those who are making a difference in the welfare of companion animals, wildlife and working animals worldwide.

Background Statement

As a practicing veterinarian in Boulder, Colorado in 2009 and an avid wildlife enthusiast, Dr. Candy Sayles Brad, DVM began to notice the overwhelming quantity of useful medical equipment, materials and supplies being discarded and making their way to landfills. She also noticed the incredible need that veterinarians around the world were facing when trying to secure the tools to do their work. The excess items here in the U.S. included valuable equipment, sterile suture material, dental and surgical instruments, textbooks and more. Dr. Sayles Brad began to network with non-profit organizations to funnel these supplies to animal welfare partners; and Project V.E.T.S. (now Project AnimalAid) was officially born in January 2009. The organization started with six partners that were personally known to either Dr. Sayles Brad or a board member. Since then, word has spread and Project AnimalAid now has over 120 partners in 40+ countries. Each group that applies must submit an Application and then must be vetted and approved by the Project AnimalAid Program Committee. Annually, Project AnimalAid places approximately 6-8 tons of product with our animal welfare partners helping keep our precious planet healthy and providing animals in need with the veterinary care they need and deserve.

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