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This Giving Tuesday, we are not only raising money for our future dogs, but for our mission that ALL fosters AND adopters get free training.

We are a dog rescue, doing more than dog rescue. 

This training and community support is something we have made it a priority to build into our rescue and a platform we also need to make sure we have funding for.

Is it extra work? Of course.

Do we have to hustle a little bit more because of it? Oh Yah. 

Are we doing it because it sets our fosters, adopters, and dogs (in and out of POSO) up for lifelong success? You know it. 

Now what you are all here for, some of our amazing dogs that have come through our rescue…

MEET NOODLE: Noodle almost died on us twice. He was 14 weeks old at the time. He came from a South-TX shelter as a stray and somehow survived the non-profit airplane ride up to us in CO. He was so much worse than we thought. Malnutrition is an understatement, his body was shutting down on him. After all the ER visit where said and done, Noddle was a $3,000 dog. Noddle was adopted, made a full recovery and is living with his dad on the east coast. We are only able to save more dogs on their death bed with donations from our community.

Meet Lobo: Lobo came to us from a CA home that was unable to care for him anymore. Lobo spent his life in the owner’s backyard and right before he came to use was being eaten by flies every hour. Lobo went right to the ER to help with rehydration, malnutrition, and overall health support. From there Lobo needed private training costing thousands of dollars (when you spend your life in a backyard, that new world can be very scary). Today, Lobo lives with his adoptive family in Denver, CO. He has a mom, dad and human brother and a few cat siblings. We are only able to save more forgotten dogs like Lobo with donations from our community. 

Meet Panda: Panda is a $5,000, 11-month old dog. Wow…was that a surprise when we rescued him from a local Denver shelter because he was being overlooked. This once 6-month old puppy was just a another dog getting passed over. Little did we know it would take extensive board and train to help this puppy interact in the big world he was so scared of. Panda has an extreme fear of new people, luckily we have an amazing training community to help get these pups to a better place. After foster supplies, an extended stay with our rescue and a quick visit to the ER for a hurt paw, we round out Panda’s care to about $5,000. At the time of this article Panda has becoming an amazing dog, is still under one-year and is looking for his forever human. We are only able to save more dogs that are being overlooked with donations from our community. 

MEET Cannoli: Cannoli was (we assume) hit by a car at about 8 weeks old. No medical attention until 2 months later. Cannoli will forever be one of our most special dogs. She was found with a broken left hip and a broken right tibia. The thing was, it had already started to heal itself by the time she came into a south, TX shelter as a stray. Doctors told us to amputate her leg. We didn’t. Our Vet in Colorado performed an FHO on her hip, we waited until that surgery healed and then went and rebroke and plated her tibia. Today Cannoli is adopted, has 4 functioning legs and is attending water therapy to help regain her muscle strength. Cannoli’s bills: about $4,000. We are only able to save more dogs that are broken with donations from our community


Mac came into a California kill-shelter with a dinner-plate-size tumor on his side. While Mac came into the shelter as a stray, we do know that he has humans somewhere that watched this mass grown over grow over time. After coming to our rescue, we removed sticks and debris from his fur and took him right to our vet for the tumor removal. Mac has made a full recovery and was quickly adopted by his foster mom and dad. He now spends his days rock climbing in California. Macs overall cost our rescue: $2,000. We are only able to save more dogs with tumors with donations from our community. 

MEET George: George came into our rescue when the owner “didn’t want him”. The owner was trying to turn George into a kill-shelter when he was denied due to capacity. After the then-owner took his frustrations out on George in the shelter parking lot, a volunteer stepped in and took George home, assuming the physical abuse would only continue if they left. Fast-forward to George coming to our rescue. He had a large mass that needed to be removed, tested, area cleaned and redrained and have surgery on both his eyes. At the time of this article, George was on his way to being adopted by a family in Colorado and has made a full recovery on all surgeries. Georges overall cost to our rescue: $2,500. We are only able to save more dogs that are abused and forgotten with donations from our community. 


We believe that there is a gap, post adoption of “now-what?”. No adopter should be going into a 10-15 year commitment with any lack of support. For EVERY dog we adopt out, each adopting family receives two free training session with one of our trainers. ALL community members (adoptive dog or not) are welcome to attend our free monthly pack walks as well as join our discounted group classes (adoptive families get a life-time discount of 50% off all group classes).

Foster families: we didn’t forget them! EVERY foster family also receives free training for EVERY dog they foster through POSO.

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