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Pedaling Minds is on a mission to help everyone learn to ride a bike with control and confidence. The Pedaling Minds approach focuses on developing skills that help kids and even adults overcome all manner of challenges, both on and off a bike. This type of professional help is not often available in underserved areas which is why all donations raised will be used to provide scholarships and equipment for kids whose families lack the means to pay for their young riders.

Our Vision: To ensure that all people can learn or teach others to ride a bike safely and with confidence.

Our Why: Riding bicycles has a positive impact on physical and mental health. 

Your Donation

Donor dollars will go towards the "Coach Walter Fund," which will provide scholarships to 20 children from low-income families in underserved communities, granting them the chance to take part in a Pedaling Minds camp in 2024.

2023 Testimonials

“This is the 5th year that our boys have been doing Pedaling Minds and we are such huge fans. Both kids started in the Learn to Pedal programs when they couldn’t ride at all. Now they are both doing summer camps and after school programs where they are riding mountain biking trails for 10+ miles. They’ve learned to be great riders through the various camps and programs. But more than that, they’ve learned how to persevere and push themselves to overcome challenges. Their bike camps are often the analogy we go to when they face other life challenges. Mike is an absolutely excellent coach in helping shape this in kids. Couldn’t recommend Pedaling Minds more highly!”

“The pedaling minds program is so much more than a bike skills camp. Coach Mike and his team provide transformational change for young riders, most of which leave camp with the ability to ride on their own while following all cycling safety rules, including signaling and yielding to cars/pedestrians. I would recommend this program for all levels of riders, from those who have never tried all the way to anyone who might just need help learning the rules of the road.”

“I'm blown away by how my son transformed from a constrained, unconfident, out of control training wheel rider on Monday to a freewheeling kid on a bigger bike (sans training wheels) on Friday! He rode 30 miles during the week also (more than his lifetime mileage for sure : ) So grateful to Coach Mike, Coach Adam, and the supporting staff and volunteers for their individual and group coaching for him.

Pedaling Minds is so much more than just teaching humans to ride bikes. The coaching my five year old received this summer has been transformative and a big spoke in his wheel of development! If you are wanting your kid to learn how to ride a bike, I definitely recommend Pedaling Minds : )”

“Our son Landen was a few days past his 7th birthday when he collapsed in a pet store and diagnosed with a rare leukemia requiring 3 years of heavy chemo. He wasted away, became dependent on a wheelchair and laid on the bed unable to even play. He successfully completed treatment in Feb 2022 but was left with neuropathy, fine motor coordination issues, and gait issues. He had missed so many age appropriate milestones like learning to ride a bike. Adam at Pedaling Minds was a godsend. He taught Landen the mechanics of how a bike stays up. He was patient and supportive. Every time Landen fell he encouraged him and reassured him. He gave him confidence! It took two lessons for Landen to be confident enough to practice in the neighborhood. If Adam could do this with a child who has endured all this imagine how effective he is with “normal” kids. It’s not just his technical ability to teach or patience that makes Adam special. It’s his HEART ❤️ We will ALWAYS be grateful for him helping bring this joyous hobby to our family! For the ability to be with his peers, get exercise and muscle tone he needs and the confidence Landen has because of Peddling Minds we say THANK YOU”


We help every person have fun riding a bicycle with control and confidence.

Background Statement

Pedaling Minds first started in 2014 as Mike Friedman’s business after his racing career, and was converted to a non profit 501(c)(3) organization in 2017. To date, over 1,500 children have learned how to ride a bike and have improved bicycling skills and safety through the Pedaling Minds’ method. Over time, Pedaling Minds has grown to offer experiential learning programs in various layouts, from weeklong summer programs to one-day clinics. Skill lessons and drills are tailored to the individual level of the student. Mike has also recruited other prominent coaches to the programs, both professional cyclists and alumni parents who share his passion.

The Pedaling Minds approach is centered around each individual rider’s physical experience and mental state. We know that a lifetime of riding starts with learning how to be comfortable with a bike and a riding environment. As their experience and control grows, riders have more fun, build confidence, and begin on a path to enjoy riding for their lifetimes. This may sound simple but meeting riders where they are and then motivating them to ride without fear takes a lot of attention, care, empathy, and energy. Our coaches are the secret to the success of Pedaling Minds. We care deeply about what our riders do after they leave us and our entire approach is tailored to set riders up for a lifetime of riding fun.

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