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Join us today for our Big Thompson Initiative to protect our water supplies from the devastating effects of increasingly frequent and severe wildfires. Wildfires, followed by post-fire flooding, threaten our forests, our wildlife and our water supplies. Your donation will support essential forest restoration projects in the Big Thompson Watershed that will reduce the impacts of future fires on our Northern Colorado communities. 

Why The Big Thompson?

The Big Thompson watershed’s critical water infrastructure supplies between 40 and 55% of the annual water needs of Fort Collins, Loveland, and Greeley, and it provides water to 30 other towns and cities along the Colorado Front Range. This, coupled with the fact that a very large percentage of risk within the watershed can be treated for a reasonable budget, makes it a high priority focus area to quickly improve water security for the region.


Peaks to People is currently co-funding a 400+ acre forest health project located in the Pole Hill community which drains to the Big Thompson River and is headed up by the Larimer Conservation District. This and other projects in the watershed have benefited our local economy through job creation. "By keeping work close to home these contractors have been able to keep operating costs low, forest products local, and trust from the communities strong. It has been inspiring and encouraging to see the creation of 2 logging contractors, 6 jobs, and local wood product use come from the 250-acre Pole Hill forestry project. We look for these contractors to continue to boost the local economies and complete forest restoration projects for years to come." 


To create a watershed fund through which community members support land stewards who conserve and enhance nature's ability to provide clean and abundant water, healthy food, productive soils, carbon storage, wildlife habitat, and inspiring open spaces for all community members to enjoy.

Background Statement

Peaks to People Water Fund is comprised of businesses, organizations, individuals and landowners who recognize the need to protect the forested watersheds of Colorado’s Front Range from unprecedented threats that, left unchecked, will greatly damage ecosystems vital to our wellbeing and livelihood.

Our vision, mission and approach are focused on mitigating wildfire risks in order to improve forest health, enhance water quality and quantity, protect wildlife habitat, and ensure businesses and communities that rely heavily on clean and available water can prosper and thrive.

Since 2018, we have utilized a sophisticated risk management analysis tool and engaged with exceptional partners to strategically invest nearly $4 million of new and leveraged funds in high impact projects with the following outcomes:

2,087 treatment acres funded (Fuels Reduction/Forest Restoration)

660 acres Active Crown Fire Reduced

2,420 Homes Influenced (within 1km of treatment areas)

13,665 metric tons of Avoided Sediment in Water Supplies

1,269 acres Crucial Wildlife Habitat protected from Wildfire

368 acres Parks and Open Space Protected from Wildfire

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