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Peace Alights Initiatives shares knowledge and insight on how to seed local community-based programs. 

Research: research into best practices for organizing and delivering respite, in various forms, to chronically ill patients, families and caregivers. PAI board members and associates (volunteers) are conducting this activity. This activity furthers PAI mission, helping seed new respite providers with most current techniques and approaches used across 50 states. Over 200 resources have been identified and evaluated. The effort has been undertaken by volunteers representing approximately 40% of the time dedicated to the nonprofit. 

Documentation: develop processes, systems and metrics by which newly formed respite provider organizations can operate. By providing this information to new organizations, PAI will significantly fast-track, perhaps reducing startup costs for newly formed respite providers and help them stay in compliance with myriad of regulations in the field. This effort has also improved long term viability for two existing organizations by giving them systems to measure success allowing the organizations to transition from "founder-lead" start-ups. 

Four areas have been targeted: governance, operational efficiency, financial compliance and transparency, and marketing/fundraising. The effort has been undertaken by volunteers representing approximately 30% of the time dedicated to the nonprofit. 

Community Resource Development: engage in outreach and relationship building with national, regional, and local medical providers and funding sources. Respite provision involves the medical community along with the local community (where respites are delivered) who provide housing, emotional support, prepared meals, and activities that make respite time successful. By continually forming and strengthening relationships with the community resources that are part of the respite delivery system, PAI has now been able to deliver current resources to respite provider organizations. These relationships are also the source of most current information in this field. The launch of the website,, our objective for individuals and community groups to create greater connection with the Peace Alights Initiatives, Inc. nonprofit. 

Once again, the effort was undertaken by volunteers representing approximately 30% of the time dedicated to the nonprofit

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Our Mission is to inspire and empower individuals and communities to identify ways and create opportunities for respite focusing on families affected by a life-altering illness.

Peace Alights Initiatives shares knowledge and insight on how to seed local community-based programs.

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Origin Story

Respite time is a healing experience … a safe space for families to simply be with one another. A time to love and to grieve; to experience life and death; to have joy and sadness; to remember one another.

Our founder, Duck White-Petteruti, believes that any family affected by a life-altering illness would benefit when provided the opportunity to get away from all that they are dealing with, to renew, reconnect, and rest. Years ago she imagined families, regardless of where they lived, able to engage in this kind of offering. In 2008 she started the Domus Pacis Family Respite in Breckenridge, Colorado.

Over the years, individuals from the Colorado mountain community made each respite stay not just possible, but touchingly personal. Often these individuals related how much sharing of their time, talent or treasure had impacted them. And as the organization matured, Duck continued to hear a nagging internal voice questioning why the reciprocal power and beauty of families helping families couldn’t be replicated elsewhere.

Then the pandemic took hold and forced a common and insular experience upon all of us. That of retreating from normalcy; weeks, even months, of isolation from each other, creating a spiritual rawness and emotional exhaustion. During that time, many took stock of how these losses of freedoms, resources, connections, and touch, affected us and what it might be like for others with even fewer supports and privileges. Losses not unlike what a family dealing with a serious illness and/or loss of a loved one knows all too well.

Duck hypothesized that this collective empathy presented a synergy to create localized compassion-filled efforts if seeded and nurtured appropriately. When several women, individually, reached out asking Duck to advise them on how to launch family respite organizations in their communities, she knew the time was right to act. Upon further research and outreach to founders and leadership of similar nonprofits, she was encouraged to create a resource-rich organization supporting the formation and sustainability of respite-providing efforts that engage community partners and funders.

Hence, Peace Alights Initiatives was formed in Spring 2021 by a group of female executives from across the United States.

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