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Parkinson’s Pointe is a non-profit health promotion and wellness center in the Denver metro area that supports people affected by Parkinson’s disease through community connection, peer mentorship programs and PD specific exercise and education classes.

How We Help

Our programs help people to navigate the challenges associated with the diagnosis of Parkinson’s and our peer-to-peer mentorship programs help to increase resiliency and sustain healthy habits. We offer exercise classes such as boxing, yoga and spinning which can help maintain or improve mobility to slow disease progression. Beyond that, our community helps ease loneliness, which has been shown to be the #1 cause of disease progression.

Why It Matters

Do you feel alone and isolated in your Parkinson’s diagnosis? Do you have a hard time sticking with your exercise and feeling motivated? Parkinson’s Pointe offers community, education and fitness classes to improve your quality of life.

Short Term Benefits

  • Feel better in the moment
  • Improve mobility
  • Connect with peers and trained experts
  • Improve sleep, memory, and mood
  • Learn how to exercise safely
  • Use the research that shows 150 min of exercise a week improves disease progression

Long Term Benefits

  • Slow disease progression
  • Sustain healthy habits
  • Stay out of the hospital
  • Reduce likelihood of falls
  • Stick with your exercise program with community support
  • Improve your quality of life community support

People who participate in exercise notice their symptoms improve just like if they had taken an extra dose of medication. When people with PD exercise 150 minutes per week, research shows they can slow the progression of their disease. On their own, many people struggle to stay consistent with their exercise routines and stop after 30 days. However, people who engage in peer mentorship and accountability groups are shown to continue to exercise and use healthy habits despite challenges.

At Parkinson’s Pointe, members feel connected, supported and empowered.

Fundraising Efforts

At the end of 2022, we also celebrated with the community during our Recognition Event and Holiday Open House, where we raised over $65,000! This was only possible thanks to our donors, supporters and members. Parkinson’s Pointe continues to thrive and we’re eager to grow in the years ahead!

About the Founder

Meredith Roberts Lo is the founder of Parkinson’s Pointe and owner of Roberts Empowered Movement, a woman-owned physical therapy practice that seeks to inspire and empower each person to live their highest quality of life and take control of their disease using evidence-based techniques and compassion. She founded Parkinson’s Pointe to share her expertise of Parkinson’s Disease and to help others to be resilient by using exercise like medicine and finding support through community. Her goal is to help people create the life they love, despite Parkinson’s Disease.


Parkinson's Pointe provides a community for support and programs that improve the quality of life for people impacted by Parkinson's disease.

Background Statement

Parkinson's Pointe was founded in 2018 by physical therapists who recognized the need for a comprehensive center that addressed the health behavior changes necessary to make a positive impact on the quality of life for people with Parkinson's Disease and reduce the financial burden on the community. Parkinson's Pointe is a 501(c)(3) located in metro Denver, CO that provides peer mentorship, PD specific exercise classes, educational workshops and a welcoming community for all. Programs are offered to all seniors and without a fee to ensure cost is not a barrier to access. While participation in the community through donations and volunteering is highly encouraged. The goal of programming includes elevating the quality of life for all those impacted by the disease including the family and person with Parkinson's.

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