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We see a tomorrow where ALL children have access to a quality education that meets their individual needs and prepares them to be productive, contributing citizens.


  • We approach education from a whole-child perspective, knowing that long-term learning success must involve the parent, the child, the family dynamic, and external resources.
  • We encourage parents to advocate on behalf of all children, not just their own,  for excellence within the educational system where they are engaged.
  • We provide supplementary education services and experiential learning support to improve and expand students' educational foundation.
  • We empower parents with resources, both informational and financial, trusting THEM to determine the best learning environment for their children.
  • We offer economic resources to parents, not institutions, to assist and supplement their educational expenses
  • We create partnerships with our parents and their children, built on respect, mutual accountability, and commitment.
  • We analyze our students’ progress to ensure the program effectiveness and adjust where appropriate to better serve our families’ needs.


  • Everything my son has needed to succeed in his challenges were met and provided by Parents Challenge. This has resulted in him having the best school year to date!
  • Having the support of Parents Challenge, the ability to choose a school that has helped our child thrive, and great resources to equip us as parents have been immeasurably valuable.
  • The sessions and meeting help keep me on track with goals to help my kiddos in education, whether its education in programs offered or how to get the most out of my parent teacher conference. So many things this program helps us with besides just the financial. It is a group, a resource, an audience, it is so much to our family.
  • Parents Challenge offers so many helpful resources plus the financial help for my children to attend the school of our choice. This is a much-needed support team, an opportunity, and is greatly appreciated. Thank you, Parents Challenge!
  • Parents Challenge classes always set me up for continuing to learn about my kids and how to help them navigate the world. I've been working with my daughter with her own self-advocating skills and my son on communicating with ME so that I can effectively communicate with his school.
  • Parents Challenge classes and the community have helped me stay focused on my children's education and needs. As a single parent this is a big deal to me.
  • Parents Challenge is an awesome program. Parents Challenge has empowered us as parents to be able to afford private school. Parents Challenge has helped me to really appreciate that there is a community of people who want to educate their children. Parents Challenge has put me in contact with other parents to feel like we are not alone. Parents Challenge really feels like there is a grassroots out there that are trying to improve the lives of our children and our society.
  • Helped with resources and support, even at times just hearing me out and helping me not feel alone. Giving the trainings/classes have been helpful as well to help us get through; Especially when there’s food and where my son can also join and participate, has been fun. It gave us something to do in the community.
  • This spring semester has been rough for our family. However, having the freedom to be able to come alongside our children, and their needs, has been very beneficial. The financial support has been key this semester.


It is clear that when parents know what is really going on at their kids' schools, they become more engaged and active. That is key to changing the education system for low-income students.
STEVE SCHUCK, Board Chairman Schuck-Chapman Companies, Co-Founder, Parents Challenge


Parents Challenge disrupts the legacy of educational failure by empowering parents. We provide our families with information, training, mentoring, tools, and financial resources to equip them to choose the education they think best for their children.

Background Statement

Parents Challenge is a nonprofit organization that empowers low-income families with scholarships and grants to allow them to choose the best educational option for their children - public, private, charter, online, and home school. The program also seeks to increase parental involvement in all aspects of education through monthly classes and workshops designed to empower them in the important role they play in their child's education. Workshops address topics that include fostering positive communications with teachers and administrators at their child's school, how to engage a tutor to help a child overcome educational challenges, character development, mental health, applying for scholarships to college, and much more.

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