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PPORA brings people, organizations, and resources together to support the outdoor recreation industry in the Pikes Peak region! The outdoors matter to us, and we know it matters to you and to our local communities. We work together to ensure that you and future generations continue to enjoy and care for our region's amazing natural and recreational assets

PPORA fulfills its mission of strengthening the outdoor industry in the Pikes Peak region through leadership and collaboration through our 5 pillars: GROW, INSPIRE, STRENGTHEN, STEWARD AND ADVOCATE 

We live out these pillars through our following programs and events

GROW: Responsibly grow outdoor recreation in the Pikes Peak region

  1. Planning for the future of the Pikes Peak region's natural resources and recreation assets through the Outdoor Pikes Peak Initiative vision planning process. 

INSPIRE: Inspire greater participation in outdoor recreation

  1. pikespeakoutdoors.org, your connection to the outdoors! our user based website that connects visitors, residents, and outdoor enthusiasts to the many assets in the Pikes Peak region. The site provides a directory on gear, service, and experience providers, as well as featured waypoints for you to explore! 

    1. The site features the Family Adventure Guide- a valuable resource for kids and families including free outdoor activities such as bingo, nature scavenger hunts and much more! Available in English and Spanish, either printed or downloaded. 

  2. Get Outdoors Day- A full day of free outdoor activities in the underserved area of Colorado Springs provided by local outdoor retailers, nonprofits, groups, or land managers! Get Outdoors day offers the ability for kids to discover their new hobby, learn a new trade or skill, learn about outdoor ethics, and try several activities for their very first time! 

STRENGTHEN: Strengthen the Pikes Peak region’s outdoor recreation industry

  1. Pikes Peak Outdoor Industry Leadership Summit- A yearly convening of local outdoor industry leaders to discuss challenges, opportunities, and big ideas for our region's outdoors! We come together over panels, keynote speakers, breakout sessions and networking. 

  2. State of the Outdoors- An opportunity for the business and outdoor industry to connect over regional outdoor updates, opportunities, and an outdoor expo. The aim is to connect the business community with the outdoor industry to grow greater participation through support/sponsorships, volunteering, and more. 

  3. Advisory Council - PPORA connects and supports local outdoor nonprofits, businesses, and land managers through monthly convenings of our 35-40 Advisory Council members to ensure we are meeting the needs of our outdoor industry. We are stronger in numbers! 

  4. Workforce Development- PPORA continues to support the workforce needs within our region and connect skilled job seekers with employers by hosting an outdoor industry job board on our website and conducting bi-annual industry job fairs with the Pikes Peak Workforce Center. 

STEWARD: Support stewardship of our outdoor environments and promote outdoor ethics for responsible recreation

  1. Leave No Trace and Care for Colorado Principles- We promote stewardship of our outdoor spaces through our membership and adoption of the LNT and Care for Colorado principles. 

  2. Friends of Old Stage and Gold Camp Roads- A community initiative to prevent the lawlessness (illegal shooting, dumping, graffiti, etc) on these historic roads. PPORA remains the fiscal sponsor of this effort

  3. PPORA Stewardship Fund- Our commitment to give back to the local trail networks! To date, we have put $30,000 back into local trail builds and maintenance, working with the city, community groups, nonprofits and more to fulfill the trail work. 

  4. Pikes Peak Litter Letter Project- A unique piece of sculptured art with trash collected from our public lands and waterways. A collaborative effort where local groups, schools, clubs, etc adopt a letter for that year's word to fill with trash. The installation is up for a full month celebrating "Arts October" 

ADVOCATE: Advocate on behalf of the outdoor recreation industry at the local, state and national levels

  1. Representation: PPORA staff participates across 10 different boards, councils and committees at the regional, state, and federal levels. 

  2. Outdoor Retailer and Big Gear Show: PPORA promotes the Pikes Peak region as the premier destination to work, live, and play at various trade shows advocating for business expansion in the outdoor industry

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PPORA's mission is to strengthen the outdoor recreation industry for the Pikes Peak region through leadership and collaboration.

Background Statement

The Pikes Peak Outdoor Recreation Alliance (PPORA) was formed in 2016 as a collaborative of businesses, nonprofits, government entities, and individuals to unite and strengthen the local outdoor industry and promote and advocate for its value as an economic driver and quality of life contributor for the Pikes Peak region.

Our value proposition is rooted in our unwavering commitment to fostering a thriving, inclusive, and sustainable outdoor community in the Pikes Peak region.

We continue to represent our industry at local, regional, and state meetings and conferences, and we have lent our support to community initiatives in line with our goals. Prior to the PPORA forming, the local outdoor industry was largely comprised of silos, with multiple voices of conflicting interests, a lack of communication and collaboration, and a lack of vision surrounding the industry as an economic driver and source of health and well-being. PPORA has brought together these diverse stakeholders through key events, programs, meetings, and regular communication to collaboratively address the challenges this region faces and maximize opportunities to strengthen our local outdoor economy.

Why Choose PPORA:

Passionate Leadership: Our staff and board comprises passionate and experienced leaders in outdoor recreation, conservation, and community engagement, driving our initiatives with passion and expertise.

Inclusive Approach: We are committed to accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that outdoor experiences are available to individuals of all abilities and backgrounds.

Collaborative Network: With a vast network of businesses, organizations, land managers, and individuals, PPORA provides unique opportunities for collaboration, partnership, and shared success.

Impactful Advocacy: As vocal advocates for the outdoor community, we actively champion policies that support the industry, conservation efforts, and community well-being.

Inspiring Transformation: PPORA goes beyond traditional outdoor experiences; we inspire a love for the outdoors, personal growth, and a sense of responsibility for our natural world.

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