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Orient Land Trust (OLT) and our crown jewel, Valley View Hot Springs, is a unique place of peace, community and soothing waters that nourish the environment and the soul.


Recent comments from OLT guestbook:
"Our own little slice of paradise"
"We have been transformed"
" "Met so many wonderful people,"
"So much love and sanctuary here"
"Best service we've ever received at any hot spring! Thank you - truly a beautiful and refreshing experience"
"We love love love this place - Thank You for not changing"
"Valley View is our favorite place in the world to deeply connect with Nature and one another"
"You are a haven. May your generous spirit live on, helping me to go through challenging transitions in a peaceful, giving place."

Other comments from Guestbook and Facebook:

A magical place with amazing energy. Let go and be with the earth. One of my favorite places!!
Raven L. ·
about 6 months ago..

Its been a year since our first visit and we do nothing but rave about how wonderful our experience was. Trying to find a way to visit again.
Tobysaurus R. ·
about 2 months ago..

"Never a more perfect place to spend a first vacation! A truly inspiring refuge from the bustle of society to focus on the really important things in life. This place is a treasure. I can't remember ever spending any time in a more peaceful, wonderful and truly inspiring place on this earth. I believe in fairy tales once again! Thank you for preserving a piece of the ancient Shamahla of the Rockies, as this is what this truly is. A sacred heart in a wonderous land." -- Anthony and Hadley

"In all my 8,000 miles of road tripping, this has been my favorite place. Thank you!!" -- Laura from Alaska

"Ohmigod!! We had such a marvelous time here celebrating my 60th birthday. The place is magical and the people here could not have been more accommodating. Blessings to all. Happy trails..." -- Jamala T. & Stephen C.

"Out of the city; escape for a couple days... Soaking in the water; absorbing the rays. Feel the stress leave by nature's ways! Thank you for a peaceful respite!" -- Chris G. & Tiffany H.

"We call VV the center of the universe. Have been coming since '76, so have seen it in all its transformations. Glad it is protected from the craze of over-done commercialism. Went to the bat cave tour tonight and it was nature at her best. Reality is magic!" - Marta

"I was going to Vegas, but I decided to hike naked instead. Thanks for the most relaxing days of my life! xoxoxo" -- Emilia


Orient Land Trust is a nonprofit land trust dedicated to the preservation of Valley View Hot Springs (VVHS) and its viewshed -including natural and biologic resources, agricultural lands, wildlife habitat, open space, and historic and geologic features of the northern San Luis Valley-for the education and enjoyment of current and future generations.

Background Statement

OLT was founded by Neil and Terry Seitz in 2001, building upon the legacy of the Everson Ranch, Valley View Hot Springs, and the Orient Mine. Its founders, owners of Valley View Hot Springs for thirty-five years, knew that the resources of the northern San Luis Valley and specifically the environs surrounding Valley View were simply too valuable to be owned by any person. They needed to be put into trust for everyone, for all time. In 2009 and 2010, the Seitz' donated Valley View Hot Springs and the Orient Mine to OLT. Thus, they created the foundation for the protection of vast, uninterrupted landscapes against ever-increasing usage and development pressure, while preserving the natural, agricultural and historic values of the lands. With their guidance and member support, OLT increased this open space to thousands of protected acres.

Today, OLT's resources include:

•Open space shared among wildlife, agricultural livestock, and over 11,000 visitors annually

•Thousands of acres of protected lands with conservation easements held by The Nature Conservancy and Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife

•Free flowing natural spring water for soaking, drinking, heating, electricity generation, endangered fish habitat, and natural irrigation for OLT's Everson Ranch

•The Everson Ranch Education and Agriculture Center, a historic ranch homestead being transformed into a community center that models sustainable agriculture, conservation of natural resources, promotion of responsible alternative energy, wildlife habitat, historic preservation, open space, and is dedicated to education of all.

•Valley View Hot Springs, a beautiful, natural, historic hot springs village that provides a safe and natural place for people to discover nature and active conservation of natural resources, showcasing a thirty-five year history of low-impact, off-grid hydroelectric generation system (today produces 40 ~ 65kW), geothermal heating and cooling

•Historic Orient Mine and ghost towns showcased by a Colorado Historic Society self guided tour

•Over 250,000 Mexican Free-tailed bats, Colorado's largest migratory colony

•A strong community of dedicated members, with little more in common than the nature of being human

•Over 1500 annual members, donating an average of nearly $100 each and totaling approximately $150,000 per year

•A vibrant, creative and dedicated volunteer program

•Late 18th- and 19th-century historic structures with fascinating stories and heritage

•Flourishing partnerships with local stakeholders including governmental agencies such as Bureau of Land Management, U.S. and Colorado Forest Services, Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Saguache County Commission, local schools; regional higher education institutions including Colorado School of Mines, Regis University, Colorado College, Adams State University, Western State College, Colorado Mountain College; local ranchers and farmers; local businesses; local Valley View Hot Springs enthusiasts

OLT's community is non-exclusive and open to all ages, backgrounds, and walks of life. All that is expected of visitors is their commitment to our values of Recognition, Respect, and Responsibility. Membership is not required to visit. Coupled with an active volunteer program, costs are kept to a sustainable minimum, ensuring diverse access and inspiring tremendous charitable support.

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