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Opening Act is pleased to join Colorado Gives Day to continue our mission to use the theatre arts to provide Black girls with experiences that cultivate their self-esteem, confidence, and voice. We empower them to explore their authentic voices, create their own stories, and engage in collective discourse about current issues that might impact them as Black girls.


"Sylvia, I was so impressed with your presentation to the DWPC. I wanted to send a donation. Keep up the inspiring and necessary work." --Dottie Lamm

"First and foremost, I want to thank you for introducing my family to your outstanding mentorship program for adolescent African American girls known as Opening Act. More importantly, my four-year-old granddaughter also thanks you. She participated in the Opening Act theatre camp this past summer and loved it. In fact, she can't stop talking about her experience as the Princess of Color, who Lives on a Rainbow! The Opening Act camp really allowed her to blossom. After the first day, I noticed an improvement in her personality and behavior. She really identified with the self-assurance, self-discipline, and self-esteem lessons taught during the camp, and began to realize her hidden capabilities. She was able to express her feelings and articulate her interests extremely well by the conclusion of the two-week program. to this day, the benefits of her involvement continue to be ongoing." -- Sandrena B. Robinson

"It is no secret that theatre and the arts in which many children, particularly those who come from more ethnically diverse backgrounds, may have little to no exposure. Further, it is even rarer to have programs tailored to experiences that reflect the lives and identities of girls of color. As a parent of a child, Sade, whom has been introduced to some exceptional experiences through Opening Act, I have seen the impact those experiences can have with invigorating an untapped interest in a child. Opening Act is a worthwhile investment to elevate the experiences of young girls of color. Based on my daughter's experiences, I know Ms. Cordy will plan exceptional learning opportunities that will elevate not only the artistic skills of participating young ladies, but confidence in their abilities in speech, self-perception, and the manner in which they carry themselves." -- Biaze Houston

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To use the tools and practices of theatre arts to promote and enhance the creative talents and positive development of young Black women.

Background Statement

In today's environment, girls must confront many challenges that may compromise their paths to success. Bullying, low self-awareness and risky sexual behavior are just a few of these challenges. African American girls report higher rates of sexual harassment and assault and dating violence than their white counterparts. High school graduation rates for African American girls are lower than all other girls except Native American girls . To address these problems, nine professional black women came together in November 2014. Through their initial conversations, they affirmed that the number one contributor to success in school and the marketplace is communication, comprised of the following core competencies: 1) empowerment, 2) a focus on the present, 3) passionate attention, 4) empathic active listening, and 5) interpreting.

Their next step was to develop a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, Opening Act, Inc., devoted to enhancing communication skills in young girls. Opening Act was launched in Denver in December 2015 to use the techniques and practices of the theater arts to instill confidence and develop the qualities of personal and professional leadership in young black girls between the ages of 6 and 17.

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