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Obesity Awareness IN Action (OAA) is a non-profit organization that has been working tirelessly for over a year to promote health and wellness in their community. With over 23 years of experience in the field, the co-founders, Rosemary Parson and Candace Oates, were driven by the desire to save lives. The high correlation between metabolic diseases and Covid deaths made them realize that they could make a difference by providing helpful tools and information to the necessary populations.

OAA specializes in disseminating health and wellness information and movement activities.  By raising funds for their nonprofit, they can continue to provide free programming to their community with a focus on underprivileged and underserved youths.

This year, OAA is launched a Youth Health and Wellness Educational program, Awareness Bound, partnering with AIMS Community College and The Girls and Boys Club of Larimer County. The program is focused on educating 5th-12th graders about health and wellness, emphasizing the importance of making healthy choices early on in life.

Funds donated/raised by OAA go towards fueling their Awareness Bound Youth Educational Health and Wellness program, which is entirely free for the students and schools. OAA's mission is to create a healthy community, and they believe that investing in the health and wellness of our youth is the best way to achieve that.

Obesity Awareness IN Action has a 5 year plan to go National and to do this, we need your support. Building programing, hiring a program developer whom can create an online training system for volunteers to learn how to disseminate our information as well as ensuring we have funding for the hundreds, and soon enough, thousands of youth we will educate is priceless. Thank you for your support.


The mission of OAA is to generate action in our communities, matching key health experts, education, and programming, designed to deliver a positive impact on lifestyle, life quality and life choices, removing one barrier at a time, thus giving each individual power and control over his or her own life. The OAA mission is to become "boots on the ground" educating within the underserved communities, generating "Our MOVE.ment" of each one reach one, each one teach one (Reset of the Mindset). The target audience for our OAA underprivileged/under-served community members has an emphasis on 5th-12 graders via our Awareness Bound Youth Health and Wellness educational programming.

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Obesity Awareness IN Action will save lives by leveling the knowledge field with health, wellness, and movement education, resources and activities within our underprivileged and underserved communities. We will help shape a healthier, more knowledgeable future by working with 6th-12th grade students.

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