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***to support clean water efforts in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan
***to supply water well repair kits for broken wells in the Nuba Mountains
***to further the education of Nuba Mountain refugees


"Nuba Water Project is helping people in Sudan to get clean water and it's the way of getting healthy. Most of the sickness in the Nuba Mountains comes from bad water. Clean water helps people become healthy. If there is clean water around, children can go to school. Also, women don't have to spend time walking to get water so they can take care of their families.

"Nowadays, since there is war, Nuba Water Project is helping the Nubian people to get medicine and life necessities. NWP is able to get the supplies in through southern Sudan since the government of North Sudan won't let help in. In the future, NWP will go back with water. Water can help people settle down because they don't have to move from place to place."

Shama Damin
Nuba Mountain refugee living in Denver

"When my friends and I heard about Walk for Sudan we thought it would be a great way to earn community service hours. But when we walked into Campus MS we quickly realized it was so much more. As American students we sometimes complain about school and following our parents' strict rules. When we became involved with Walk for Sudan it became apparent that we should truly appreciate the education and the other benefits(food, housing, clean water, etc) that we receive in the US. Working with this cause has completely changed my perception on life. It has encouraged me to travel and use what I have learned to help communities that are less fortunate. I have been so blessed to meet wonderful Sudanese people who have taught me that although life is tough, one must appreciate family, community and tradition."

Kate Ahrenkiel, Cherry Creek Student


Nuba Water Project brings life improvement in the Nuba Mountain region of Sudan through clean water and education. Our work is for the benefit of all Nuba people regardless of religious or ethnic association.

Improved health through better sanitation and hygiene, lower death/disease rate, and the ability to spend time on activities other than trekking for water, are all examples of life improvement. Education is a key component.

Nuba Water Project is not affiliated with any government or religious institution. Direct connections with Nuba people living in Sudan are key to its success. Nuba Water Project is an all-volunteer, non-profit 501c3 organization committed to integrity and accountability.

The Need for Clean Water:

People living in remote areas of the Nuba Mountains lack access to clean water. During the dry season, some women and girls must walk up to six hours daily to fetch water from ponds that will likely make them sick. By helping the Nuba solve their age-old problem of scarce water supplies, we free the people to address other pressing needs such as education, sanitation, public health, and economic development. Many Sudanese lack resources to attend school. Educational support that we provide will create long-term significant impact for communities in the Nuba Mountains.

Response to Current Crisis:

Government-sponsored attacks have prevented us from completing water infrastructure projects in the Nuba Mountains. We have continued to support the Nuba people trapped in the conflict zone. We have provided short-term aid in the form of humanitarian relief by purchasing and delivering food, soap, salt, clean water drops, medicine, and medical supplies in times of need.

Additionally, we will make a long-term impact by supporting the educational needs of young Nuba men and women by paying their tuition for secondary and college level schools outside the conflict zone. The skills and knowledge they take back to their villages in the future will have a significant and long-lasting impact.

Mass demonstrations resulted in the toppling of Bashir in the spring of 2019. Continued protests finally led to a three-year power sharing agreement between the military leaders and pro-democracy leaders, with the hopes of an election in the future. Ground fighting and daily bombings then ceased and peace talks were underway in Juba, South Sudan.

Recently, conflict has overtaken Sudan again, as the two Sudanese military leaders have begun a campaign for power, leading to demonstrations, widespread death, and migration of Sudanese into neighboring Chad, Ethiopia, and the Nuba Mountains. All of Sudan remains unsettled and in crisis.

We have learned of the need for water well repair; many wells previously drilled are not in working order with no parts available to repair them. Thus, we have turned our attention to purchasing and transporting water well repair parts to the Nuba Mountains. This is a cost-effective way to make water available by capitalizing on infrastructure already in place in the region. We are also collaborating with local Sudanese from isolated areas of the Nuba Mountains in the development of new water infrastructure.

Nuba Water Project will continue its work to provide water pump repair kits, Safi Drops, bore hole repair parts, and other clean water efforts. Once peace returns, we hope to expand our efforts in areas that will help with sustainable development.

Background Statement

Nuba Water Project was founded in 2006 by Denver businessman Steve Riley and two Sudanese refugees, George Tuto and Ibrahim Agor. Our work is made possible by our direct connections with key people living in the Nuba Mountains and South Sudan. Nuba Water Project is not affiliated with any government or religious institution. We are a non-profit 501c3 organization committed to financial accountability in all aspects of our organization.

Nuba Water Project is an all-volunteer organization. We have no paid staff and we do not expense volunteers for anything other than program supplies that they may purchase on their own. We are diligent about making certain that all donations are used on behalf of the Sudanese Nuba people.

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