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Support our mission to care for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife while also promoting wildlife education. Your contribution directly aids in rehabilitating vulnerable animals and enables us to educate adults and future generations on household changes that protect wildlife and their habitats. By joining us, you become a crucial part of providing medical care and nourishment to wildlife patients, as well as empowering individuals to become environmental stewards. Together, we can create a harmonious future where humans and wildlife thrive in coexistence.


"I am so grateful for and proud of [Northern Colorado Wildlife Center] who is dedicated to protecting our wildlife! If you are itching to donate to a good cause, I would suggest this organization!" - Hannah S.

"The Northern Colorado Wildlife Center answered my call for help when nobody else would. Their prompt response and expertise saved the life of a lost turtle I found at City Park in Fort Collins." - Jason R.

"Thanks to the wildlife hero education programs from Northern Colorado Wildlife Center, I knew how to help when I found a goose who had been hit by a car." - Lisa H.

"During a [wildlife emergency], Northern Colorado Wildlife Center guided me through every step, ensuring the best outcome for a distressed fawn I found on the side of the road. Their support and knowledge made a significant difference and I was able to get them the fawn; which was ultimately saved." - Michael K.

"As an outdoor enthusiast, I often come across unique and unconventional wild animals in need. Other facilities are hesitant to accept them due to their age or species, but Northern Colorado Wildlife Center gladly opens their doors. They have a genuine passion for all wildlife, regardless of how unusual or challenging the case may be." - Jacob W.

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The mission of Northern Colorado Wildlife Center, a 501(c)3 independent nonprofit, is to protect wildlife and the places they call home through rescue, rehabilitation, education, and advocacy.

Background Statement

Northern Colorado Wildlife Center was established in April 2016 out of a desire to address the pressing need for a comprehensive, multi-species wildlife rehabilitation center in the northern Colorado region. Dedicated co-founders, Bob Nightwalker and his son Tallon, recognized this critical issue in the wake of another organization's dissolution in 2012. The absence of adequate facilities that accepted a biodiverse set of species was leading to the loss of over 2,000 savable wild animals in northern Colorado annually. Witnessing this tragedy, they aimed to bridge the gap.

In 2017, our organization took a proactive step towards fostering a deeper connection between the community and wildlife. Through extensive educational outreach programs across Colorado, we sought to cultivate an appreciation for the rich diversity of local wildlife and promote responsible stewardship of our natural environments. A pivotal moment arrived in 2019 when we admitted our very first wild patient, a bullsnake seeking refuge after missing its opportunity to brumate.

The year 2020 marked our significant involvement in the Hughes Stadium initiative, a landmark endeavor to rezone the former stadium space in Fort Collins as residential foothills. This transformative move was aimed at preserving vital migration corridors and safeguarding pristine wild habitats. Our community rallied behind this initiative, which culminated in a resounding success with the passage of a vote in 2021.

To further our mission and expand our impact, we proudly welcomed our inaugural staff member, co-founder Tallon Nightwalker, who now serves as our Director. With his leadership, we embarked on a quest to secure a temporary home capable of accommodating a wide range of species in need. In September 2022, we celebrated the momentous occasion of moving into our current facility in Fort Collins. This new home afforded us the space and resources required for a substantial increase in services and the quality of patient care.

In the current year, we are thrilled to report that our efforts have resulted in nearly a tenfold increase in the number of injured, orphaned, or sick animals we have been able to assist. This remarkable growth has only fueled our determination to continue expanding our services and making an even more profound impact on the region's wildlife and ecosystems. As we look to the future, we are filled with anticipation and enthusiasm for what the next year holds in store for the Northern Colorado Wildlife Center. Together, we will continue to champion the cause of wildlife preservation and ecological stewardship, ensuring a brighter future for all living creatures.

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