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New Legacy Charter School (NLCS) is an accredited school for teen parents and their children that opened in 2015. Located in Aurora, Colorado, it is the only high school focused on serving teen parents and their children on the east side of the Denver metro area, and it is the only one anywhere in the metro area serving teen fathers. NLCS is unique among charter schools in that it employs a two-generational (2Gen) approach to education. 2Gen approaches have been proven to support the academic achievement and well-being of children as well as the social-emotional, physical, and economic well-being of their parents.

Our Early Learning Center (ELC) is a vital part of our mission but it requires significant financial resources to operate and is our greatest funding need. Fortunately, Colorado offers the Child Care Contribution Tax Credit (CCTC) to help programs like ours secure the resources we need while benefiting our generous donors with a valuable tax credit. The CCTC provides the donor with a Colorado income tax credit of up to 50% of the total donation (up to contributions totaling $100,000 per year). All donations and sponsorships will be designated for the ELC—and therefore eligible for the CCTC—unless otherwise specified. Because the ELC makes it possible for teen parents to continue their education, these valuable donations will support two generations at a time.


“Even through hardship and struggle, finishing school is important, and I want my daughter to know you can go on to do anything life has in store for you.” — Tasia, 2019 graduate

"I would not be the parent I am today without New Legacy's help and support. The parenting classes we have help me learn new ways to raise and take care of my child that will be effective for the both of us in the future." — Kiarra, 2022 graduate

“[On my graduation day] I proved to my family and everyone else who had doubted me that I was able to get my high school diploma, and I can do anything I set mind to.” — Jenifer, 2016 graduate and current NLCS board member

“My son loves being at school. I wish every kid loved being at school as much as he does. His teachers are always so understanding and they keep me involved in everything.” — Elyssa, 2021 graduate

“New Legacy is preparing my son and I in a way no other school could. They offered me flexibility and a sense of community.” — Sabrina, 2019 graduate

“New Legacy Charter School has not only impacted young parents in a positive way, but they also gave us another chance at life. They believed in us when others told us our lives were over. They have left a mark on every child that has stepped foot here." — Joliet, 2019 graduate

“On May 31, 2017 I was proud to finally say I did it. I conquered my first goal and I graduated from New Legacy, and I was then off to my next stop, college. And everyday I look back and I am very thankful for having had this opportunity that started here at New Legacy. Yes, because of my dedication, but also in large part because of this school, I am where I am today. With the many opportunities and experiences that New Legacy had to offer I knew that I would no longer be a statistic, I knew that I would no longer just be the next generation in my family that lives paycheck to paycheck, and I definitely knew that I wouldn’t be stuck working a minimum wage job. Yes, I am a latina teen mom. But I am proud to say that I broke a cycle. A cycle that my child will only hear of, but she won’t ever have to live. I also knew that if I conquered my dreams my daughter Izzabella could never give me an excuse as to why she wouldn’t be able to conquer hers.” — Julissa, 2017 graduate


The mission of New Legacy Charter High School is to provide parenting students with the skills needed to raise healthy children and to engage all students in personalized projects and experiences that develop college and career awareness and readiness.

Background Statement

For over a decade, educator and NLCS founder Jennifer Douglas dreamed of opening a school focused on parenting teenagers (both mothers and fathers) on the east side of Denver due to high teen birth rates and a lack of services in that area. The original inspiration for the school came from Passage Charter School in Montrose, Colorado, another school for pregnant and parenting teens. Jennifer founded NLCS in 2013, the same year the school received its 501(c)(3) status and charter status. The school opened its doors in time for the 2015-16 school year. NLCS remains the only high school that is focused on serving teen parents and their children on the east side of the Denver metro area, and it is the only one anywhere in the metro area serving teen fathers. Designed to meet the unique needs of pregnant and parenting high school students, NLCS has expanded to serve any high schooler who needs extra academic and social support while maintaining its programming geared toward teen parents. The school is now led by Executive Director Steven Bartholomew with a current focus on navigating the ongoing effects of the pandemic and fine-tuning programs.

Teen parents face many barriers. Finishing high school as a parent is difficult; nationwide, only approximately 50% of teen mothers graduate from high school (Child Trends 2018). Many teen parents struggle with finding affordable childcare. Though assistance programs are available in Colorado, many childcare centers are at capacity and teen parents often do not have family members who are able to take time off of work to care for their children. Teen mothers are more likely to live in poverty, with two-thirds of new teen mothers receiving public assistance (National Conference of State Legislatures 2018). This means that many teen parents need to work but struggle to find jobs that suit their school schedules and parenting responsibilities. Transportation is a perpetual challenge that has only worsened since the pandemic, with many parents lacking personal transportation and hoping to avoid public transportation for health reasons.

NLCS is designed to reduce these barriers as much as possible. Perhaps most importantly, the school provides a free, onsite, high-quality early childhood education center for the children of teen parents. NLCS also gives parents the wraparound support they need in order to graduate, leading to a graduation rate that is much higher than national averages. The school provides students with transportation as well as other necessities like diapers, wipes, and food. Finally, its robust Real-World Learning program allows students to work in paid internships, earn school credit for their jobs, and/or participate in other real-world experiences that will ultimately increase their earning potential, employability, and professional networks.

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