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Want to support teens in turning challenges into strengths?
With your donation you can help NATURAL HIGHS in empowering teens to step up as leaders and to create a positive peer culture around healthy lifestyle choices. We help over 2,000 teens a year to become change agents in their communities.


"Natural Highs has brought me out of one of the darkest most lonely and scary times in my life. It has given me a beautiful understanding of my body, my mind, and has helped me discover who I am and what path I want to take in this world. Along with that Natural Highs has given me a community and a safe open environment to express myself and learn more about who I am. This program has opened so many doors for me and brought so many new passions to my life. I envision Natural Highs becoming a revolution. It will sweep the nation because the techniques and knowledge and experiences obtained from this class are so innovative and beneficial and over all life changing. So thank you Avani and the whole Natural Highs team for changing mine and so many other peoples lives." (New Vista student)

"I love being in Action Group because you personally get to help and set up awesome events while working with amazing people and help out in your community. Also, I feel as if people look up to you if you are in Natural Highs. I could rant for hours and hours, pages and pages about how important Natural Highs is to me and how I honestly don't think I would be alive right now if it weren't for this program. It is the most important best thing that has ever happened to me." (New Vista Senior)

​"Natural Highs allows teens to connect with each other over complex and scary topics. The safe space in this program allows teens to explore topics that are not often discussed or supported to be discussed in our mainstream culture." (Natural Highs Peer mentor)

"Natural Highs saved my life and the lives of other teens I know. It is an amazing and beautiful support. The community, learning, and discussions we take part in are safe and intricate. Natural Highs helps me thrive." (Natural Highs Action Group member)

"Natural Highs provides a strong sense of community which is a safe space for many teens. There is also so much to learn about these topics. Natural Highs does the best job in making it understandable and impactful. It is so important to learn about this, especially in a place with lots of weed/drug culture, and we don't learn it anywhere else!" (Natural Highs Workshop participant)

"Natural Highs is a space where I feel safe and truly interested in learning, and I feel welcomed by others."(Natural Highs Workshop participant)

"Natural Highs has created a safe space for me to be myself and I know I can be accepted. The power of this group is beyond words. To lead something so beautiful and powerful and give back to the people is the most healing experience you could have." (Natural Highs Peer Mentor)

"Natural Highs is a beautiful program that has helped me become and stay sober. It has helped me find myself and search for something bigger than myself. I love to help and heal and Natural Highs is a perfect outlet for that. Teenagers are constantly searching for identity and drugs are often as good as a passport. Sobriety is the healthier option and I believe we should spread that message to at least educate our peers."

"I feel teens have a great impact on the community. By having teen advocates against drug abuse we have a unique perspective. When teaching other teens and parents, they see us as allies."

"Teens these days deal with their insecurities via drugs. Natural Highs supports teens by educating them about drugs and ways to be healthy. Natural Highs also helps teens to be comfortable in their own skin and find healthy ways to deal with their insecurities. Teens shape Natural Highs by showing that there is a community of teens that know how to have fun sober! Most teens smoke or do other drugs because they wouldn't have friends if they didn't. Natural Highs is an open community of friends who are sober."

"I can honestly say that of all youth programs I have been involved with, Natural Highs is by far the most empowering. Through interesting courses in science and brilliant physical activities, any kid can get fully involved in the process of learning who they are and who they have the power to become. The knowledge and experience I have gained through Natural Highs has led me to create a healthy lifestyle for which I can't be grateful enough."

"I learned how to use my voice and what power can come from being sober."

"I've learned a lot of new ways to cope with mental illness and I've found a new community of support."

"Breaking out of my shell and putting myself out there"

"The amount of control and power you have over your body and mind"

"For anyone who is a teenager or adult the knowledge that is passed along here is truly valuable and essential for a healthy life...


Our MISSION is to empower teens and adults to become inspired leaders around healthy lifestyle choices and to work for positive change and social justice around substance abuse & mental health issues in their communities.

Background Statement

After working for years in traditional substance abuse and mental health treatment contexts, Avani Dilger could see that traditional approaches often fail to inspire teens and adults to make healthy choices around substance abuse and mental health issues. After having conversations with thousands of teens over the years she learned that the intentions behind substance abuse are basic human needs that often go unaddressed in traditional treatment. With a group of teens she started the Natural Highs movement in 2004, listening to the real needs underneath drug use and setting out to teach young people about the brain chemistry of substances and healthy alternatives. Teens are drawn to Natural Highs because it is a nonjudgmental, positive, empowering, inspiring and fun approach to substance abuse prevention/intervention that validates teens and their journeys into finding meaning and empowers them to make their own choices.

Over the last 15 years, Natural Highs has branched out, following the interests of teens and is now covering topics like mental health, suicide prevention, healthy relationships, and healthy alternatives to substance abuse such as activism, herbalism, meditation, acupuncture and the arts. We currently offer our new initiative "How to turn Anxiety into your Superpower" and teach teens and adults how to empower themselves and their friends and family around mental health issues.

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