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NCS has always led in creating an innovative path. We are asking for your support to keep up our work and also to create a new narrative for an economy in service to life. Help us build a future we can all live and prosper within, giving humankind a sustainable place on a verdant and healing planet.


"Hunter and Natural Capitalism Solutions are a critical part of our intellectual civic infrastructure, regularly making breathtakingly smart arguments for a clean energy future for the country and the globe."
-- Michael Northrop, Program Director, Rockefeller Brothers Fund

"Here's to you Hunter and the NCS team - You are a hearty blend of visionaries and implementors. You see possibilities where other don't see. You are gritty, genuine and smart as hell."
-- AJ Grant, President, Environmental Communications Associates, Inc.

"Congratulations Hunter and team for 10 years of inspiration and education. A modern generation understands and guards the principles of sustainability in all they do."
-- Gregory Miller, Co-founder, Former partner.

"If Adam Smith's The Wealth of Nations was the bible for the first Industrial Revolution, then the book Natural Capitalism may well prove to be it for the next"
-- Peter Senge, Senior lecturer at the MIT Sloan School of Management.


Natural Capitalism Solutions' mission is to educate senior decision-makers in business, government and civil society on the principles of sustainability. Natural Capitalism is regenerative of human and natural capital while increasing prosperity and quality of life. In partnership with leading thinkers and groups, Natural Capitalism Solutions creates innovative, practical tools and implementation strategies for companies, communities and countries.

Background Statement

Natural Capitalism Solutions is recognized internationally for its work in the field of sustainability. Formed by Hunter Lovins, co-author of the acclaimed book Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution, Natural Capitalism Solutions is led by Lovins, who has over 40 years experience in business, sustainability, and change management.

Together with their network of best-in-class sustainability professionals, the Natural Capitalism staff has an impressive record developing innovative and practical ways to increase efficiency and environmental practices, as well as economic sustainability, for a long list of government and corporate clients.

Natural Capitalism Solutions, a 501(c)3 non-profit, was founded by Hunter Lovins and David Elliot in 2004 after Hunter left Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), which she cofounded 20 years earlier. Hunter's goal was to establish an organization which works with like-minded experts to implement the principles of Natural Capitalism. Over the years, the organization has remained small, collaborative, and successful in educating and implementing genuine sustainability.

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