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Mountain Youth makes youth a community priority. Mountain Youth rallies community support to enable youth to reach their full potential. Mountain Youth creates positive change by promoting the youth voice, strengthening collaboration and addressing the most critical needs of youth


Valleys Voice Member: "Mountain Youth helped me forge many social networks with people who were invested in my success. These people pushed me to advocate, and I grew louder over the years. I would in no way be where I am today without Mountain Youth, as they helped me realize my full potential that I have yet to reach. Mountain Youth helped me and many other fellow youth have equitable access to opportunities across the valley. This is in a variety of ways, including social-emotional learning, outdoor activities, employment, safe and fun spaces, FOOD, friends, and great adult figures in our lives. I will definitely not forget Mountain Youth’s support in getting me to where I am today nor the great memories I made with them along the way."

Tu Guia (Your Guide) Tutor: "Being a tutor with Tu Guia has been the most fulfilling job I have ever done. Seeing kids succeed with a little bit of help is honestly amazing. Tu Guia has made tutoring more accessible in our community and it has benefited many families!"

We Hear U Participants : "[The instructor] Rachel did an amazing job creating a bond with us and our daughter. We are a stronger family and have much better communication with each other after the program. We still have lots to work on but this program has helped us with some tools to keep us on the right path. Thank you!"

Eat Chat Connect Attendees: "Thank you for bringing this to our community. I left feeling empowered." "Thank you, fascinating and horrifying all at once. Very informative and I feel better armed to talk to my 7 year old about this topic."

Aprendiendo Juntos (Learning Together) Attendee: "The strategies that were given in the Aprendiendo Juntos classes personally helped me and my husband to value and respect what my teenage daughter thinks. What impacted me the most was the testimonies from the young people in the classes- I was able to learn from youth that shared their point of view."

In School Prevention Education Partner: "I believe that this program has challenged [youth] to think more critically about their social interactions and decisions when it comes to peers. I love that it gives the students another person to hear and learn from. I have great relationships with kids, but I have noticed that when material is provided by an external program, they are able to hear from a different perspective and see a new face, which they enjoy.."

Community Partner: "The Healthy Kids Colorado Survey is a great asset to our community. The data helps nonprofits with grant writing and helps us form strategic alliances to address issues. Mountain Youth's leadership in getting the survey completed and results disseminated is invaluable to the community." - Eagle County Commissioner

The Healthy Kids Colorado Survey: "This survey provides us with excellent information, with that information we are able to adjust social emotional programing for students. We are able to keep tabs on behavioral health, that means the work that our counselors do, our partners through Eagle County, the hope center, speak up reach out, and all of our other youth serving organizations use this data to make sure their programs align to the needs of our students."

Mountain Youth Supporter: "I have chosen to give to Mountain Youth because it's a local organization that helps local youth. I like the surveys, and Eat Chat Parent for parents, and I know every penny of money that is donated to Mountain Youth is put to good use."


The mission of Mountain Youth is to continuously and collaboratively improve the lives of youth in the most powerful ways possible.

Background Statement

Mountain Youth was founded in 2001. It was designed as a collaborative vision of Leadership Vail Valley, the Eagle CARES Survey team and Eagle County to provide cohesion among youth service providers. Mountain Youth was tasked with building Positive Youth Development (PYD), a strengths-based approach to adolescence, throughout the Eagle River Valley.

Mountain Youth was charged with overseeing data assessment to ensure the community had an honest measure of youth behaviors and perceptions and a way to analyze effectiveness and gaps in youth services. These outcomes continue to drive Mountain Youth in collaborative planning of youth services. We work with many service providers, so the community can effectively assess and meet the changing needs of youth, ultimately mobilizing the community for positive change.

Mountain Youth has a wide reach but with a vision, a mission and core values rooted in making youth a community priority, Mountain Youth rallies support to enable youth to reach their full potential. We listen to the needs of the community and respond with programs that educate, enhance and encourage strong relationships and positive decision making. Continuing to use the PYD framework, Mountain Youth provides substance use prevention, safe driving education, youth advocacy and family education throughout the Eagle River Valley.

Mountain Youth's work ensures Eagle County youth remain a priority; striving to be a community where young people are equipped with skills that support healthy bodies, healthy minds, improved decision making and leadership skills to guide their lives. We are a nimble organization focused on creating a better Eagle County for all - giving youth a voice in our community.

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Mountain Youth

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Mountain Youth, MOYO, Eagle River Youth Coalition

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Youth Development, Community Improvement & Capacity Building, Mental Health & Crisis Intervention, Education

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Large Organization


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