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Mosquito Range Heritage Initiative (MRHI) is a grassroots, community-based 501(c)3 organization based in Alma. Since 2007, MRHI has been working to protect the wild lands of the Mosquito Mountain Range. 

MRHI is a grassroots, community-based 501(c)3 organization based in Alma. Since 2007, MRHI has been working to protect the wild lands of the Mosquito Mountain Range. 

Due to the unique geology, the Mosquito Range supports alpine plant communities found nowhere else on earth including many rare and threatened species. However, with easy access to four peaks over 14,000 feet. for which visitation increases each summer, diverse mineral resources, and extensive opportunities for off-road vehicle recreation, this area’s natural systems are at great risk of degradation. Recent years have shown a drastic increase in both visitors and significant resource damage. It is critical for us to address these issues now.

We engage a diverse group of individuals and organizations dedicated to the delicate balance of recreation in this spectacular mountain range, while protecting and preserving the landscapes, waterways and wildlife that make this area such a treasured place. We are all stewards of these mountains. Therefore, it’s important for us to work together, using the powerful combination of our resources and knowledge to create and manage comprehensive sustainable conservation and recreation. 

We believe in using the best available scientific information, collaborative decision-making, and time to consider a wide variety of perspectives. We involve and invite members of our local communities for conservation efforts which will likely affect them, and could ultimately improve their lives. Finally, we educate those who explore these mountains to care for and conserve our precious resources for generations to come.


"Over the past several years, our district has been fortunate enough to be involved in partnerships with MRHI. Our experience with the Mosquito Range Heritage Initiative has been nothing but positive. They are an extremely motivated group with outstanding volunteers. They have conducted intensive botanical surveys for rare plants, monitored federally threatened Eutrema penlandii populations, protected headwater wetlands through trail work, pulled noxious weeds in critical vector areas, and provided much-needed public education regarding the unique natural heritage values of the Mosquito Range."

South Park Ranger District

"All of MRHI's work has helped to expand our knowledge of the Mosquito Range study area and then apply that information to management. The keystone intent of our work together is to ensure the ecological integrity of one of the most incredibly rich alpine botanical areas in the world. As always, MRHI supports their mission through a thriving educational campaign.

The cumulative value of the information that MRHI has been able to gather is incredibly important. One year's worth of work is important, but three and four years of work becomes significant. The cumulative value of what we've learned about rare plants in the Mosquito Range and Park County is pretty awesome.

The South Park Ranger District is enthusiastic in providing support to MRHI because they embody our passion for integrated resource management. The partnership that we have enjoyed with MRHI over the past several years has been very successful and is now recognized statewide."

-Sheila Lamb, USFS Botanist, South Park Ranger District

"The Alma Foundation wishes to show its support for the Mosquito Range Heritage Initiative's proposal for their Rare Alpine Plants and Trails project. MRHI's project works on monitoring rare plants, maintaining trails and protecting the watershed near the study areas, and removing noxious weeds that endanger these rare plants. These irreplaceable resources are the reason we live here, and why tens of thousands of travelers come to visit this area. We hope that you will join the Alma Foundation in supporting MRHI's commitment to protecting our mountain backyard."

-The Alma Foundation

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The Mosquito Range Heritage Initiative, through cooperative efforts, seeks to conserve unique natural areas, preserve historic and cultural sites, promote diverse recreation, and develop community business opportunities.

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The Mosquito Range Heritage Initiative was formed as a cooperative effort between the Alma Foundation and local, state, and federal stakeholders, and became a 501(c)3 non-profit in 2007. MRHI focuses on preserving and protecting the cultural, natural and recreation resources within the Mosquito Range. The region has a rich mining history that is reflected in the trails and structures dispersed throughout the area, many of which are facing consequences from the increasing volume of recreational users. Because the Mosquito Range is divided between public and private lands, conservation efforts are extremely difficult. In recent years, trespassing and vandalism have become major issues due to an increasing number of people building homes on the private claims that intersect the trails, especially ones leading to some of the five "fourteeners" within the range. The Mosquito Range is also a botanical "hotspot" that hosts several species of rare alpine plants, one of which is found nowhere else in the world and is on the federal endangered species list.

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