Mongolian School of Colorado

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Established in 2006, as the first Mongolian school in the country, we are deeply rooted in tradition, culture, and have become a trusted place where the Mongolian community in Colorado can access resources, referrals, and other services that contribute to building healthy families.

Over time, Mongolian School and Community Center (MSCC) has adapted and grown our reach and services. Today, we have nearly 100 students ranging 3-16 years of age, operating with mostly volunteer staff, running four main programs: 1) Language & Culture, 2) Youth Development, 3) Parent Development and 4) Community Partnership.

Language & Culture: We offer two ECE classes and three elementary level classes. All focus on teaching the Mongolian language, culture, history, and traditions. In the three levels of language classes, our students learn to read, write, and speak fluently. 

The culture piece addresses identity and the uniqueness of being part of this culture. In the ECE programs, we emphasize social skills, learning traditional songs and dances, and cultivating the talents of our young children. 

Youth Development: In this program we focus on college and career preparation, leadership development, mental health, and identity awareness by bringing external workshops, experts, and guest speakers. Other program activities include volunteering and having fun playing sports. 

Parent Development: As a new immigrant population, our families are navigating a new society and experience barriers in language and culture. This program provides a platform for parents to connect and learn meaningful ways to support our teens’ self-confidence. We also focus on providing parents with tools to navigate different cultural systems and expectations. We focus on aligning the program contents for parents and youth to have the most impact.

Community Partnership: We take a leadership role in organizing community events such as census counts, hosting vaccination clinics, community wide holidays, and celebrations. All event programming is provided in the languages people understand and make them feel heard, understood, and accepted. Our organization intentionally and naturally has become a go-to place for the Mongolian community to get information and stay connected.

Amongst Asian Americans, there is great diversity in culture, language, and tradition. Mongolian people have a rich history and heritage that was inherited from the great Chingis Khan. Our values are centered around education, self-efficiency, leveraging human power, health and wellness and preserving our nomadic cultural values.

Our goal is to strengthen our capacity and build a sustainable future for the Mongolian-American community.


It is our mission to teach and instill our treasured Mongolian language, history, culture and traditional values to our future generations.

Үндэсний эрхэм баялаг болох монгол хэл, түүх, соёл, уламжлал, ёс заншилаа үр хойчдоо өвлүүлж үлдээх нь бидний эрхэм зорилго юм.

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Bridging generational and cultural gaps for the Mongolian Americans in Colorado.

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