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Founded in 2006, we proudly stand as the very first Mongolian school in the United States. Our roots run deep in tradition and culture, evolving into a cherished hub for Colorado's Mongolian community, offering a vital array of resources, referrals, and services that bolster the well-being of local families.

Throughout the years, the Mongolian School and Community Center (MSCC) has not only persevered but also expanded its scope and services. Today, we nurture and educate nearly 100 students between the ages of 3 and 16, with our dedicated team primarily composed of passionate volunteers. Our commitment is manifested through four core programs: Language and culture, Youth Development, Parent Development, and Community Partnership. Your support ensures the continued growth and positive impact of these vital initiatives, enhancing the lives of our community's youth and families.

Language & Culture: We welcome kids as young as three to join our program, where they explore the rich tapestry of Mongolian culture, history, and traditions. Our diverse student body includes both Mongolian immigrants and U.S.-born children, who may vary in their proficiency in the Mongolian language. Balancing their language abilities with their developmental stages in a single classroom is a unique challenge. To address this, we've developed a standardized approach that accommodates linguistic diversity and developmental milestones. This approach seamlessly integrates into our program, ensuring that every student, regardless of their background or language skills, has the opportunity to learn and progress.

Youth Club:  Middle school students stand at a pivotal juncture in their growth, embarking on a journey of self-discovery and becoming more independent. We love working with our adolescents on their path to self-development as they delve into volunteerism, community engagement, public speaking, and career exploration. All the while, they forge enduring friendships and relish moments of joy and camaraderie.

Youth Leadership: High school students, especially those from immigrant and first-generation American backgrounds, face heightened pressures as they prepare to navigate the world's complexities. Your support is crucial as we work with a cohort for a year, focusing on skills like project management, fundraising, leadership, college and career readiness, and financial literacy. We collaborate with dedicated partners and experts to empower these young individuals for success in a rapidly changing world. 

Highlighting the Mongolian Community with the Asian Chamber of Commerce and its members.

Community Partnership: Our community is the heart of our organization, entrusting us with the privilege of educating their children, a duty we deeply respect. Building collaborative partnerships and listening to their needs is crucial. In community engagement, we aim to expand our reach, striving to serve even more effectively. Our commitment to inclusivity extends to event programming, ensuring information is accessible in languages our community understands promoting a sense of belonging and understanding. Over time, our organization has organically become a trusted resource, a pillar of support, and a vibrant hub for the Mongolian community in Colorado. Additionally, we treasure partnerships with other communities and nonprofits in Colorado.  These partnerships help introduce our Mongolian heritage to a broader audience. 


It is our mission to teach and instill our treasured Mongolian language, history, culture and traditional values to our future generations.

Үндэсний эрхэм баялаг болох монгол хэл, түүх, соёл, уламжлал, ёс заншилаа үр хойчдоо өвлүүлж үлдээх нь бидний эрхэм зорилго юм.

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BRIDGING generations, cultures, and languages while EMPOWERING our youth and HONORING our heritage.

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