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This Colorado Gives Day, we are reaching out to you with an urgent plea for help. Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary needs your support to raise $15,000 to ensure our beloved residents are well-fed and nourished this winter.

Did you know that each Luvin Arms cow consumes 31 pounds of hay every single day? And our sweet pigs, like Miss Ophelia, consume 2 pounds of pig food and an additional 2 pounds of hay pellets daily

Every month, we allocate around $2,000 to procure healthy food and snacks for our nearly 140 residents. For example, it's critical to feed our chicken residents healthy fruits and veggies (melons, blueberries, spinach, etc.) to help control their weight, as they're bred to gain weight quickly which leads to health challenges. At Luvin Arms, our mission is deeply rooted in Ahimsa, a principle of compassion towards all living beings. We are committed to rescuing abused and neglected farmed animals and offering them the highest level of care for the rest of their lives as we inspire our community to make compassionate choices.

Our devoted animal care specialists take immense pride in crafting the best diets and meal plans, and lovingly provide for our ten species of rescued animal residents. This diverse family includes cows, horses, donkeys, pigs, sheep, goats, ducks, turkeys, peafowl, and chickens. Each one has a unique story, and each one holds a special place in our hearts.

Lola's babies - born Saturday, October 21stMaybell

But, we can't continue this life-saving work without your support. Your generosity is the lifeblood that sustains Luvin Arms and nourishes our incredible animal residents. This Colorado Gives Day, we need your help to raise $15,000 so that our residents can remain healthy and comfortable during the bitter Colorado winter.

Your contribution, no matter how big or small, will make a significant impact on the well-being of our animal family. Please consider joining us in this mission of compassion by making a donation on Colorado Gives Day. 

Together, we can ensure the comfort, health, and happiness of these remarkable animals who have found their forever home at Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary. Thank you for being a vital part of our journey.

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Ahimsa - Nonviolence Toward All Living Beings

Luvin Arms provides exceptional lifelong social, emotional, and cognitive care to rescued farmed animals, and advocates for those who have not been rescued by sharing our residents' stories to inspire, educate, and empower others to embrace a more compassionate and sustainable lifestyle.

Our vision is to create a sanctuary of inspiration and connection where people are empowered to create change that leads to more compassionate choices for themselves, for the planet, and justice for all beings.

Background Statement

Luvin Arms opened its doors in August 2015 after founders Shaleen and Shilpi realized farmed animals were in need of refuge. The Shahs began their journey toward providing a safe haven for rescued farmed animals with a horse named Jale, (pronounced Haalee) who came from a situation of neglect. After saving Jale, they received a call about a pregnant mare at an auction. When the Shahs visited the auction, they discovered there were not only horses there, but a variety of suffering farmed animals who also needed help. This inspired the Shahs to start a sanctuary for farmed animals. As more animals came to call Luvin Arms home, more hands were required for the work involved in caring for them. Since the beginning, passionate community members have volunteered their time and talents to continue to help Luvin Arms and its residents thrive.

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