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We care for cats that require longer shelter stays than a traditional shelter can provide. We screen adoptions & custom match families with an appropriate cat or kitten. We are often their last chance and many arrived at high risk on "death row" or rescued from severe hoarding situations.


“We are grateful to have LWTCBI as a rescue partner because they have the space and ability to provide cats what we sometimes can’t - the gift of time to adjust and become who they’re meant to be”  Ami Manivong, Feline Population Coordinator, HSPPR


Look What the Cat Brought In exists to care for cats that require longer shelter stays than a traditional shelter can provide, securing adoption when each cat is healthy and emotionally ready.

We wanted a different approach to animal care in our local area. We focus on cats and on providing them with the best possible medical care while in our charge. Pain relief is a particularly important issue that we address. We have years of combined animal experience with a lawyer, veterinarian, vet tech, animal volunteer & equine specialist.

We transform a medically needy cat into a healthy, happy cat ready to join a caring home as a beloved family companion.

But, all of this takes money. Partner with us to give abandoned, abused, and neglected cats their chance at healthy and loving homes. Please give.

Background Statement

We were founded in 2008 to find loving homes for cats who otherwise would be out of luck, by giving them a second chance (sometimes their last chance) at our shelter. We were the first shelter in Colorado Springs serving cats exclusively. 2013, a third of the cats we rescued came from extreme hoarding situations. We are proud to be a limited admission, adoption guaranteed shelter.

We listen to cats and hear what they try to tell us. If they are hurt, we heal them. No cat makes the choice to suffer. The choice is made for them through neglect or abandonment. We make a different choice for our cats when they are in pain, ill, or injured. Our veterinary partners reverse or minimize years of neglect and pain - from kittens with bone fractures to seniors with terrible teeth. With our veterinary partners we provide needed medical treatments and pain relief so our cats can achieve lives of health and contentment in fur-ever homes.

We have both fosters and an actual shelter building and we adopt cats at the rate of 20-25 per month.

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Look What the Cat Brought In

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Feline Rescue Network, Look What the Cat Brought In, Lookwhatthecatbroughtin.org, LWTCBI

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