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For more than four decades, LightHawk has taken to the skies to protect wildlife and the waters, lands, and climate that we all need to survive. We bring the gift of an aerial perspective to advance North America’s most pressing conservation issues. From preserving critical ecosystems to mitigating the impacts of climate change, every mission we take shapes the conservation narrative and casts light on a shared responsibility to heal and protect our planet.

The Power of Aerial Views

An aerial view offers a powerful lens through which we can see the true story of our planet unfold. From high above, we witness breathtaking landscapes, intricate waterways, hidden habitats, and ever-changing climate patterns in ways not always possible from the ground. An aerial perspective provides a comprehensive understanding of ecosystems, bridging gaps and revealing connections that may otherwise remain hidden. Aerial images tell a story that evokes emotion and inspires action to protect our natural world, not just for its intrinsic value, but as caretakers and stewards for future generations.

Navigating Hurdles for Aerial Conservation

An endangered black-footed ferret

The costs associated with flying can often be prohibitively expensive for conservation organizations, making it a resource that is often out of reach. However, LightHawk is changing the game with your help. Together, we can remove those financial barriers to use aviation as an invaluable tool for informed conservation strategies. Your contributions support flight campaigns that preserve critical habitats, save endangered wildlife and advocate for a sustainable future. 

Our Team of Experts

At the core of LightHawk are 300+ volunteer pilots and a team of dedicated conservation experts. These individuals bring a wealth of experience and a deep passion to every LightHawk mission. Our pilots generously donate their time, aircraft, and expertise to support our missions, flying thousands of hours each year to provide the critical aerial perspective needed for conservation efforts. Our conservation staff works to identify key conservation priorities and organizations that can benefit from a unique aerial expertise. 

Collaborative Efforts

The synergy between our volunteer pilots, conservation staff and partners is at the heart of LightHawk. We believe that it takes collective expertise and unwavering dedication to enact meaningful change, so we collaborate closely with partnering organizations to address the unique challenges of each mission and advance conservation outcomes. Nonprofit organizations, scientists, journalists, and government agencies all come together to amplify our collective impact to preserve critical habitats, mitigate impacts of climate change, and promote the responsible use of land and water. 

Educating and Inspiring Change

At LightHawk, each flight is about more than just soaring above the Earth, it's about soaring towards a sustainable future and empowering those who can effect change. With each mission, we unveil the beauty, fragility, and resilience of our planet, while fostering a deep appreciation for the natural world. Conservation partners make critical observations, policymakers gain informed insights, and local communities are inspired to take stewardship into their own hands

Your Role in Conservation

We need you by our side! Be our co-pilots on a remarkable journey to fly and save the Earth! 


LightHawk accelerates conservation success through the powerful perspective of flight.

Background Statement

In 1979, a single flight set in motion a chain of events that would redefine the landscape of conservation. High above the Grand Canyon, a lone pilot gazed upon a scene that would become indelibly etched in memory – the alarming encroachment of development upon an iconic natural wonder. This pivotal moment marked the birth of LightHawk, a nonprofit organization compelled by the urgency of addressing our most pressing conservation challenges from the skies.

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