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Lakewood Connects is a key component in our mission to love and serve the people of the Green Mountain community and the City of Lakewood. Reg Cox is the conduit to collaborative relationships between the faith community, city leadership, non-profits, county agencies and Jeffco Schools. Lakewood Connects opened the door for Faith Mountain to tutor students, invest in school improvement projects, feed the hungry, bless hundreds of low income families at Christmas and make a real difference in the real lives of our real neighbors. We are a stronger and more vibrant community because of the hard work done by Lakewood Connects. We're better together. Lakewood Connects keeps us together.

Pat Barnes
Founding Pastor
Faith Mountain

Lakewood Connects builds upon the foundational civic values of respect, responsibility and relationships. The abundance of a grateful community is channeled very effectively by the wise focus of Reg Cox and a strong working board of directors and community partners. Lakewood Connects does just that - helping others help themselves by channeling community resources in a very effective and sustainable way. Lakewood Connects is a community pillar of strength and hope and I strongly endorse and support their efforts.
George Valuck, Chair/President, Jeffco Human Services Foundation
Metro West Housing Solutions, Chair, Board of Commissioners
Jeffco Schools Foundation, board member

"I'm thankful for Lakewood Connects because…"
The Lakewood Connects organization, led by Reg Cox, made it possible for our school (Foothills Elementary) to create partnerships with community businesses, faith-based coalitions, realtors, government officials, radio stations, and other service organizations to establish a shared vision for improving our schools' presence, service and functionality within the community. Rising crime rates and unkept building sites and playgrounds were eye sores and became targets for crime in the community. Through this partnership, we were able to collaboratively work with GOCO (Great Outdoors Colorado Organization) to design, raise money, and secure grants for the construction of a half-million dollar field and playground reconstruction-providing needed resources to school children and community members alike. Additionally, this project brought community members together around a purpose and created a renewed sense of togetherness. As a result, Foothills Elementary became a hub in the community - fostering tutoring opportunities for disadvantaged students, and providing for community needs through various programs and social events, as well as sustaining an exceptional education opportunity for all children. There is no monetary value that I can place on a partnership of this type - I am just thankful that were fortunate enough to be a part of such a positive movement.
Susan Borzych, Ph.D.
Ute Meadows Elementary School
(303) 982-7091

"I'm thankful for Lakewood Connects because of the speedy and direct connections to resources and services provided to families that have needs, right within their community".
Bernadette Marquez
Family Engagement Liaison
Foothills Elementary

I am thankful for Lakewood Connects because without them we would have never been blessed to meet Reg. His volunteer work through the community is how I got to meet him. Through a program called Whiz Kids, for Foothills Elementary school, and because of this they have helped my child thrive. However he never stops he has continued to offer support and guidance. For myself being a single mother to a teenage boy, I'm a little clueless when it comes to guiding my child, I know that Reg is always there if we need him to help guide my young man in the direction he needs. I can't thank Lakewood Connects enough for him!.

Stephanie Ingraham
Mom of Jeffco School students

I'm thankful for Lakewood Connects because I believe in a Lakewood that's a great place for all kids to grow up from Colfax to Green Mountain. There are significant needs and challenges facing our Lakewood kids, for example almost 1/4 are on free and reduced lunch and kids makeup the largest community served by the Action Center. Lakewood Connects helps bridge the gap, so that all kids can get a fair shot in Lakewood.
Dana Gutwein, Lakewood City Councilor

I'm thankful for Lakewood Connects because I've seen students, families, and schools supported by our broader community with compassion and respect.
Amanda Stevens
Jeffco School Board Member

I'm thankful for Lakewood Connects because of the power of networking and leveraging the assets of the community partners with the needs of my school." "As a new school in the Lakewood area, marketing and messaging our vision and mission have been supported by the liaison communication of Lakewood Connects...

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Lakewood Connects builds effective service partnerships between churches, government, schools and business in Lakewood, Colorado.

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Lakewood Connects was born out of three collaborations, the Lakewood Church Network, The Lakewood Faith Coalition and Jefferson County Human Services' "Power of Partnership." Reg Cox supports these three church partnership organizations. After resigning from 14 years of church leadership Reg formed Lakewood Connects to support a broader work of aligning churches with government, schools and business to facilitate service partnerships and break through catalyst projects in the city of Lakewood and beyond.

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