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The Lake Dillon Theatre Company offers more than 200 unique theatre, music, and educational performances and programs to our community each year. Our theatre, music, education, and outreach programs play a vital role in the economic and cultural health of our diverse community.


"I wanted to thank you for that terrific performance at the Keystone Ranch. It was a great way to spread some good cheer and great talent without spreading the virus!! Sad thing is it made me realize how much I miss live theatre." - Anonymous Patron, 2020

"I wanted to write NOW because I am feeling overwhelmed by the amazing things Lake Dillon Theatre is doing during this very difficult time. And what joy you have brought a particularly hard week for my family! ..... The classes, the zoom get togethers...ALL THAT... have given us stuff to look forward to and have kept us connected while we have been forced to be apart. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR BEING WHO YOU ARE, AND FOR ALL YOU DO. YOU ARE THE BEST. - Sandi B, 2020

"Community Connections! Sharing an LDTC theatre experience with our friends neighbors promotes wonderful conversations among community members that might not otherwise be had. Watching a story being expressed on an intimate LDTC stage is a powerful experience that inspires great discussions. Conversations with a neighbor or friend begin with the wonderful play we just saw at LDTC, but then continue on to fun, political, cultural, or difficult topics that are easier discussed within the context of the play. The LDTC has done a fantastic job of bringing thought-provoking, culturally current issues to the stage which can create community connections through dialogue.

The LDTC has renewed my love for theatre by bringing high quality productions to smaller stages. Intimate performances are so much more captivating than huge auditorium experiences. The variety of shows has been remarkable and I've enjoyed attending performances with many different friends!" Jen Barchers, Colorado Mountain College Professor, Town of Dillon Council Member, 2018

"While the citizens and officials of Silverthorne could not be more excited about the opening of the Performing Arts Center and the inaugural season of the Lake Dillon Theatre Company in the new facility, this is only the beginning of the growth and development of the arts in our mountain community. With the creation of the new non-profit Silverthorne Arts Initiative, opportunities for the community to support and participate in the development of the arts in Silverthorne are virtually limitless." Mayor Bruce Butler, Town of Silverthorne, 2017

"My daughter participated in her first Lake Dillon Theatre Company workshop 3 years ago and became immediately addicted. These workshops have made a huge impact on her, and I have seen her self-confidence and enthusiasm soar. She doesn't want to miss a workshop, and this is partly because she loves performing and singing, but it is more than that. She has made many friends through the workshops, and they stay friends long after the workshops are over. She has learned a lot about theater in a fun, no-stress atmosphere, and it has given her more clarity and direction about the person she wants to become. She has learned about a variety of different shows and learned the history and the context of them. My daughter wants to go into theater as a career thanks to the LDTC workshops, but I recommend these workshops to all kids. The experience tends to help to bring kids out of their shells and let them be themselves and really express who they are in a way that they don't get to do in their everyday lives. I feel strongly about the positive impact of these workshops on children, and I highly recommend them!" Amy J Clark, 2017

"Suzy and I make every effort to attend the prologue and epilogue talk backs, whether attending the performance for the first or many times. They are always educational and insightful whether the discussion is about the play and/or playwright, set design, actor aspirations, production (lighting and sound) and so many more. The talk backs just enrich the experience and gives one a greater appreciation for the production." Cap Witzler, Season Producer, 2017

(The) Cabaret art form is THE most personal, intimate type of performance. The audience gets an insight into the life, interests and talents of the artist when they share "aside comments" during the show. Those famous show-stopping songs, the romantic ballads, or the off-the-wall comedic songs never before heard will fill the venue for a great evening of fun. The Lake Dillon Theatre Company always brings the best talent available from around the theatre-world. What a wonderful experience!" -Sharon Anderson, Patron, 2017

"Theatre and the performing arts add a special dimension to living in Summit County and allow all of us, at a very reasonable cost, to enjoy a variety of types of entertainment in our own backyard...



The Lake Dillon Theatre Company is a professional theatre committed to enhancing the quality of life in Summit County and the Colorado Front Range by providing unique and accessible cultural experiences through the Performing Arts. We increase imagination, engagement and empathy in our community through our performance, educational and outreach programing.


Be the most transformative theatre in the Rocky Mountains


The Lake Dillon Theatre Company's educational programming engages a diverse community of youth and adults through discovery, collaboration, and creation of performing arts. Our education and enrichment initiatives provide inclusive environments to imaginatively and empathically explore the world around us.

Background Statement

The Lake Dillon Theatre Company and the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center is located on sacred land that has been a site of human activity for over 12,000 years. This land is the ancestral territory of the Native American Mountain Utes. We acknowledge all of the peoples whom have been care takers of the land on which we work, create, and welcome.

The Lake Dillon Foundation for the Performing Arts dba the Lake Dillon Theatre Company (LDTC) was incorporated March 10, 1993. The LDTC's purpose was to raise funds for a capital expansion project for the Lake Dillon Amphitheater and subsequently produce a free summer concert series now known as the Sunset at the Summit. After a successful capital campaign, the organization expanded to include a chamber concert series, a youth educational series now called the Youth Theatre Workshop, and an amateur theater company now operating as a professional, regional theatre.

In 1995, the LDTC moved into an historic building built in 1899 that once served as Dillon Town Hall. The LDTC added a lobby, a workshop, and lighting booth. In 2002, the LDTC hired its first full-time employee, an Artistic/Executive Director. Fundraising efforts in 2003 enabled the company to expand its lobby and lighting booth, upgrade audience bathroom facilities, and add office space, a dressing room and a green room.

Since 2008, the LDTC has grown from a seasonal community theatre to a financially and artistically successful year-round professional theatre company. The LDTC season pass holder and donor bases increased almost 500% from 2006 to 2014. Through ongoing partnerships with The Summit Foundation and the Town of Dillon, the LDTC is one of the most visible and patronized arts organizations in Summit County. During this time, the LDTC has experienced strategic, steady growth in earned and contributed revenues, allowing for increased investment into community programs.

In 2012, the Board of Directors and senior staff drafted a strategic plan outlined several goals including increased community programming, increased financial stability, and eventual expansion into a larger location. Since then, we have worked diligently to implement the goals outlined in the strategic plan.

The LDTC has worked to increase the quality of its productions and programs through enhanced staff and implementation of core values. In May 2013, the LDTC joined the Actors Equity Union becoming one of a handful of member theater companies in Colorado. In 2014, the LDTC joined Theatre Communication Group and became one of two organizations, along with Theatre Aspen, to be part of the National Alliance of Musical Theaters.

Additionally, staff and board members have dedicated its efforts to increased fundraising through a multi-year pledge donation program to support the organization's programs. Through the increased support of granting agencies, corporations, board giving, and individual contributions, we plan to continue to enhance performance, educational and community programs.

During this period of growth, in November 2013, The Lake Dillon Theatre Company (LDTC) and Town of Silverthorne (TOS) began exploring the opportunity to partner on a new theatre facility based upon the intersection of goals identified by both organizations. The LDTC was looking towards relocating to a larger facility to enhance operational efficiency, increase earned and contributed revenue opportunities, and further cement our company as a regional destination theatre. TOS was exploring potential catalysts to develop downtown Silverthorne into a lively and economically viable place to be. Leaders from both organizations soon determined that building a new performing arts center would be the first step in fulfilling our joint vision.

In spring of 2015, the LDTC launched a $3.8M capital campaign, which included $2.7M in support of construction and FFE towards the total $9M performing arts center budget. TOS funded the remaining $6.3M of the construction and design costs. Just under 16,000 square feet, the new performance venues included expanded patron spaces (lobby, bar, restrooms) 3 flexible performance venues, scenic and wardrobe shops, dressing rooms, an additional classroom, and administrative offices. Furthermore, spaces within the facility were designed to display temporary art features curated by TOS staff and committee.

The LDTC staff moved into the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center in April 2017, celebrating our grand opening with our first public performance of Sister Act the Musical on June 23. The administrative and patron spaces are aesthetically inviting and inspiring, while the operational and performance spaces allow for the creation of theatre, music, and dance. And the multiple production venues have allowed us to expand the scope of our storytelling in ways that have deeply impacted our community of patrons and neighbors.

Our new home at the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center certainly fulfills key aspects in our ongoing strategic plan, including expanded facilities, broadened theater and educational programming, and increased community visibility. But more importantly, the new performing arts center has become a vital anchor for community enrichment and identity, as well as a gathering place that members from throughout our diverse community have embraced as their own. And we at the LDTC are both honored and elated to be at the center of such unique growth and excitement at the Silverthorne Performing Arts Center.

Today, the LDTC has a 7-member full-time staff, an enthusiastic Board of Directors and volunteer base, plus a growing season pass holder base. Since January 2014, approximately 5500 new patron contacts have been added to our patron list. In 2019, the LDTC celebrated its second full year of programming in the new Silverthorne Performing Arts Center.

In 2020, the LDTC has continued to fulfill its mission of enhancing the quality of life for Summit County guests and residents by offering 17 free, unique online theatre, music, and educational programs for all ages; a robust outdoor, in-person, physically distanced youth theatre program serving more than 100 of Summit County's youth; and an outdoor concert series with performances throughout Summit County neighborhoods.

In 2021, the LDTC continued with more than a dozen safe, arts-based programs for youth and teens. Following health protocols from public officials and theatre unions, the LDTC offered intimate, indoor concerts with limited audience capacity and physically distanced seating. By mid-summer, the LDTC returned to producing live theatre with 10 outdoor performances of SHOUT: The Mod Musical. And in August and September, the company brought live theatre back indoors with more than 30 performances of the hit musical review 8-Track: The Sounds of the 70's and two-person play The Roommate. This December marks the return of the family-friendly, holiday spectacular Holiday Follies, this year bigger than ever featuring nearly 20 singers, actors, dancers and musicians and 11 performances for audiences of all ages.

We are honored by the continued support of our patrons and partnerships with our sponsors and partners and will continue to serve our community through the performing arts.

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