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Give the Gift of Giving NOW, and together, we will continue to support the social and emotional needs of Latine immigrants and refugees,  including birthing families, infants, children, youths and their families, and individuals whose primary language is Spanish.

In La Cocina, we believe in the power of community, liberation, love, and support to heal hearts and minds from the systemic and multi-generational impacts of trauma and displacement.


"I have been living with anxiety for six years. I went to many therapists and doctors, and even though they were somewhat helpful, I never felt "that" connection with them. Thanks to life and destiny, I began therapy in La Cocina. It has changed my life to have a therapist who understands my language and culture and works to help me progress and overcome my traumas and fears."

"Tengo seis años viviendo con ansiedad. Fui con muchos terapistas y doctores y aunque me ayudaron, nunca senti esa conexión con ellos. Por gracia del destino, entre al programa de La Cocina. Me ha cambiado la vida tener a una terapista que entiende mi idioma y mis costumbres y que verdaderamente trabaja para ayudarme a progresar y a superarar mis traumas y miedos."

- La Cocina client

With YOUR support, La Cocina can make transformative healing available to more immigrant children and families.


Elevate Latine-centered knowledge that heals and transforms the lives and communities of those most impacted by systemic inequity and trauma.

Background Statement

Nuestra Historia began in early 2017 when La Cocina’s founder, Dr. Janina Fariñas, and a small group of Colorado State University students, became outraged at the mounting unmet need for Spanish-speaking mental health services in Northern Colorado. After the 2016 election, the growing rates of anxiety and depression among immigrant groups were cause for alarm. It was a call to action.

The volunteers and program founder soon turned their concerns into a passionate team of 17+ professionals, including trained psychologists, counselors, social workers, marriage and family therapists, mentors & educators, and health promotion workers. In its first 10 months, La Cocina served more than 50 immigrant families.

Today, the program has facilitated mental health recovery for more than 2000 Latine families throughout the state of Colorado, and La Cocina’s multidisciplinary teams have grown to include trainers and program leaders building capacities both in communities and professional settings ready to grow and learn La Cocina’s Liberation Psychology model of services delivery.

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