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At Junkyard Social Club, kids learn physics and engineering on a non-conforming playground. They build chain reactions out of tires, design epic forts and mini golf holes out of junk, and create intricate trench systems for water to flow across the yard. In the evenings, we produce story-telling events, open mic-nights, game and crafting parties. Adults play too. They collaborate over ideas, drinks, and coffee. We are thoughtful about designing opportunities for all types of play, provoking curiosity, creativity, and community.

Not only are we a mission-driven non-profit, but we give back to our community. Local Latinx and low-income groups have access to our space at no cost. We believe that increasing diversity and inclusion is both a moral requisite and key to creativity and problem solving. Unfortunately, Boulder county, and the City of Boulder specifically, are overwhelmingly white and historically segregated. Therefore, we are committed to exceeding those numbers in the makeup of our board, our staff, and our community in order to shift the status quo.

As a team, we’ve been designing STEAM experiences since 2016. We began creating our facility and adventure playground in 2020 with an incredible team of local artists and volunteers. The space has evolved into a creative nucleus for art, play, and discovery. Funding would provide more resources to hire incredible artists to add playful, safe, and artistic installations and to support our operations.


Our mission is to ignite curiosity, unleash imagination, and cultivate connection at the convergence of art and science.

Our vision is to provide an intergenerational community space where adventurous play sparks a love for lifelong learning and empowers a passion for creative expression.

Background Statement

Junkyard Social Club is an intergenerational community space: rebellious playscape, cultural arts venue, and creative cafe. Together, we build from nothing, reuse everything, and achieve great things from humble beginnings. We’re pro kids, pro adults, pro fun. Our offerings are guided by the development of skills in divergent thinking: creative problem solving and expression, curiosity, critical thinking, and open conversation. We want to connect new people, spark new ideas, and give our community the tools to create the world around them.

From 2016 to 2020, we not only dreamt but also actively molded our dream. We organized pop-up events, engaged in interactive focus groups, toured global venues for inspiration, and refined our mission. The year 2020 saw us building our adventurous playground. We rallied artists, engaged with volunteers, and crafted interactive play installations from repurposed materials. These installations, both big and small, were envisioned to stimulate whole-body exploration, artistic expression, and spontaneous discovery.

Our doors first flung open to the eager community in April 2021, and the journey since then has been nothing short of spectacular.


¿Sabías que Junkyard Social Club es una organización sin fines de lucro con una misión? Únete a nosotros para un evento de happy hour gratuito el 3 de noviembre, lleno de actividades que demuestran la misión de Junkyard: encender la curiosidad, liberar la imaginación y fomentar la conexión en la convergencia del arte y la ciencia. Facilitaremos desafíos STEAM prácticos para todas las edades y serviremos cócteles y mocktails experienciales.

¿Cuándo? Viernes, 3 de noviembre 4pm-8pm

Da inicio a la campaña Colorado Gives Day. Junkyard Social Club tiene como objetivo recaudar 5,000 dólares durante el mes de noviembre que se destinarán a programas con una misión. Las donaciones serán duplicadas por una generosa coincidencia de la comunidad.

Por favor, invita a amigos para que aún más personas puedan experimentar las grandes cosas que Junkyard Social Club está haciendo por nuestra comunidad. Si no puedes asistir al evento, considera hacer una donación directamente a través del sitio web de Colorado Gives Day. Las donaciones se destinarán a cosas como becas para programas para niños de bajos ingresos y estipendios para artistas para nuevas y mejoras interactivas en el espacio. Cada contribución, grande o pequeña, inicia nuestra ola de generosidad. Sé un donante temprano en JSC.

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