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ICB brings together culturally diverse individuals to address community-identified needs for reducing systemic oppression & promoting social justice. ICB workshops are safe places to examine the root causes of oppression and develop action plans that promote social justice for all.


Intercultural Community Builders has had a substantial impact on my life. When I first became involved in ICB I was a participant in a workshop. I was just going into high school and was a shy, quiet kid. Throughout the course of the workshop, I was able to come out of my shell and begin to open up to others. After deciding to stay involved, I became a facilitator for workshops. Although my first few lessons and workshops were a little shaky, because I was nervous, eventually I would grow to a place where leading and public speaking became a comfortable experience for me. My family was so proud to see me up in front of everyone speaking with such confidence. Only through ICB have I gotten that chance. Becoming a member of the Board of Directors, I found a new level of responsibility and learned so much more about the inner workings of the organization that gave me a greater understanding of how many of the services in my life (work, school, businesses) operate, and allowed me to be a greater help to those other organizations. I have used the skills I learned through ICB several times throughout my life already, and they have given me opportunities I would not have had otherwise to meet new people and reach deeper levels of connection with those I had already known. Being with ICB, I feel as though I have a community of support that will always be there for me.

Just like many other high school students, I had been looking for community service to add to my college applications when I first joined ICB. However, ICB has become much more important in my life than I ever expected it to be. For starters, it has given me the confidence to trust in myself and to believe that I have the power to create real change in this world. As a young person, sometimes the world seems too big and overwhelming, but the past few years I've been working with ICB has taught me that any little action can make a big difference in our society. Additionally, I have met amazing people that show me a different part of the world other than what I usually see. Just like the people that come to our workshops, those who form ICB are all different from each other. No two people are the same. Building connections with these human beings has challenged me to look at the world in different ways that I normally wouldn't consider, which has allowed me to become more empathetic and has taught me how to create connections with people that I normally wouldn't have reached out to. Though it all started as a self-centered thought to make my college applications look better, I believe that ICB has given me the chance to become a better person and encouraged me to always fight for a better world.

Hello my name is Kavya Kaushik, and I am a sophomore in high school. I have been a part of ICB for many years and it has impacted my life in the best way. Being a part of ICB has given me a part in this amazing community, and I am extremely grateful to be a part of it. Everyone has been so kind and it has been comforting to find your voice throughout being in the organization. It has taught me so much about communication and leadership and many other useful life skills. Being kind has such a big power and it has influenced the person I am today. Being able to talk to so many new people every time we had a workshop was fun and taught me a lot of social skills. Being apart of ICB is a gift, and I am lucky to be a part of it.

ICB workshops are something that I have done for the past 4 years of my life, and it really helps me to make the right decisions culturally and ethically. This program has made me proud of who I am and proud of my ethnic group and culture.

ICB has positively impacted me in a variety of ways. Most notably, it has impacted my decision to pursue a career in education. My experience with being a facilitator with ICB has made me comfortable in front of a classroom and with small-group instruction, and it has also provided me with valuable experience working with a wide variety of age groups and allowed me to be a role model for students in my local school district. Further, the content addressed in ICB workshops has allowed me to teach in a culturally sensitive manner and better understand how to support students of color in my classroom. Additionally, being on the board of directors has provided me with valuable experience understanding how non-profit organizations work and can create change in our communities.


Intercultural Community Builders (ICB) is committed to building communities where people from all cultural backgrounds feel welcomed and included and are encouraged, supported, and empowered to reach their full potential.

Background Statement

In 2010, ICB Director Carol Miller and 7 culturally diverse, uniquely skilled individuals from northern Colorado formed Intercultural Community Builders as a non-profit organization to provide intercultural skill building and racism/prejudice reduction workshops for youth, families, and non-profit agencies. Recognizing that systemic oppression existed in our communities, our goal was to bring together people from all backgrounds to identify needs and develop action plans that promoted social justice. ICB has conducted 35 workshops for over 850 teens & adults.

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704 Greenbriar Drive
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