Integral Steps

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 By giving to Integral Steps - both one-time or recurring donations - consider your IMPACT: 

  • $40  = an instrument for child in Rhythmic Solfege 

  • $75  = music books for students in Piano Moves

  • $100 = 4-week Music Together class for a toddler and parent  
  • $180 =  6-week Dalcroze Masterclass to a teaching artist or fellow  
  • $450 = 1 year tuition for a music & movement class for a child
  • $950 = 1 year tuition for private 30-min music lessons for youth 
  • $2500 = 28 weeks of Instrumental Academy which includes private and groups lessons as well as performance opportunities. 

Any amount helps us bring high-quality programs to diverse communities and ensure enrichment with Integral Steps is accessible to even more families in 2024.  

What do families prefer Integral Steps?

"Ever since Riley was a baby, he’s loved music so much. He has a speech delay, and recently he has boomed with his speech. He loves making a connection between music and language. It’s a great way of learning vocabulary and learning how to talk. Integral Steps classes made him feel comfortable and the teachers have been so sweet."
~Parent of Integral Steps Student 

"I'll never forget the sound of my daughter, singing softly while playing her metallophone, trying to get a melody just right. The Integral Steps music education program was her first experience with dedicated practice (and its rewards). Integral Steps gave her new confidence in her own ability to learn new things through repetition and focus. Of course, we all endured many dissonant, crashing attempts along the way; but when she finally mastered a tune, nothing could sound sweeter. I hope this experience helps her learn and grow for the rest of her life."
~Integral Steps parent

"The incredible classes led by Integral Steps and the Boulder Phil each week included rhythm lessons. The students were taught to say 'red' for long notes and 'purple' for short notes. One day, while I was in a classroom the day after music class, a 4-year old student heard the construction noises from outside. He started to say 'red, red, red, etc.' when he heard a machine making a rhythmic noise, and a girl joined in with another machine saying 'purple, purple, purple, etc. It was remarkable!"
~Stacy Fujieda, Education Manager for Boulder County Head Start


Integrals Steps' programs awaken our students' developmental potential with integrative learning experiences that incorporate music and movement to balance intelligence, emotions, and the body.

Together with the communities we serve, Integral Steps brings immersive classes, workshops, and multi-generational events to learners of all ages, building up people and communities that share our love of music and artistic expression.

Background Statement

Integral Steps was founded in 2012 by Alejandra Hudon and Emma Shubin, who wished to integrate their respective working modalities to better serve their students and clients. As a musician and Dalcroze Educator, Emma observed that her music students had preferences for kinesthetic learning, cognitive discovery, and artistic expression, so she wanted to gain tools to support development in all three of these areas. As a mental health practitioner, Alejandra worked in family therapy and infant massage, and wanted to develop tools for her clients that included experiential and immersive learning.

By collaborating, Alejandra and Emma developed unique programs that integrating physical, cognitive, and social-emotional learning for children and families, sharing a new way method for interacting and learning. Recognizing that balanced development and growth is a life-long pursuit, Integral Steps grew to serve not only children, but also parents, communities, and adults.

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