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Over 400 million impoverished people live in India and deserve to have hope and a future. You can help transform lives by giving children the gift of an education, empowering women with literacy and vocational training and equipping people to become community leaders of transformation.


Why we support India Transformed - "India Transformed! is making a huge impact in India with its holistic approach to developing communities that is unlike any other organization. By educating people of all ages, they are working with children, young adults, women and men by educating them and teaching them employable skills so they can break the cycle of poverty. They do this by bringing a message of hope with an eternal perspective." anonymous donor


India Transformed! delivers hope through faith, transforming lives spiritually, socially and economically.

Our programs empower people through faith and education to shape their destiny and to discover their God-given potential.

Our vision is for all people in India to live an abundant life.

Background Statement

Our story began over 33 years ago with 36 street children desperately needing a safe place to call home. Recognizing the inequities of life and need for abandoned children to have hope for a better future, an orphanage with a school was opened for abandoned children. These children were given a safe haven filled with love, access to education and career opportunities. Today, these 36 street children have become doctors, lawyers, teachers, accountants and are thriving.

Over time this evolved into our Children's Program, essentially a child sponsorship program with 10 Child Development Centers caring for 500 children along with a private international school that educates 1,200 students from pre K- grade 12.

More recently in 2021, we started a college dedicated to quality and affordability so that all people in India can access higher education. In the meantime, the campus will be completed in 2026 due to the generosity of our donors.

As our vision expanded, we saw the need to help empower destitute women living on the streets to find a way to improve their socio-economic status so they could care for their children and keep their families intact. This resulted in the creation of ARISE! Women's Empowerment Program that teaches vocational and literacy skills through sewing. Women can earn a livable wage within six months.

We have a holistic approach to community development. Our Community Transformation Program trains local people at the grassroots level to become community leaders through education, life skill training, job training and offers hope for everlasting change that can affect generations to come by lifting people out of poverty.

Today we continue with our original mission and seek passionate partners who want to bring hope to India's forgotten people who struggle with meeting their basic needs by empowering them with resources to thrive through education, skill development, and everlasting hope.

We invite you to partner with India Transformed! as we transform communities by delivering hope through faith.

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