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Change the lives of kids in our community today. Sponsor a Dreamer Scholar for $667/month or $8,000/yr for 5 years. Your sponsorship provides tutoring, mentoring, cultural enrichment, and help paying for college.

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The mission of the “I Have A Dream” Foundation of Boulder County (IHDF) is to empower children from under-resourced communities to succeed in school, college, and career by providing academic, social, and emotional support from elementary school through postsecondary education, along with a postsecondary tuition assistance scholarship. Our dream is a world where all children have equal access to the educational and career opportunities that will ignite their innate potential.

Help us reach our goal of serving more children by sponsoring a Dreamer Scholar! A donation of $667 per month or $8000 per year for 5 years will support a child's dream of making it to and through college!

Background Statement

As we enter our fourth decade working for the community, we are proud of what we have learned and how we have grown as we invest in the dreams, pathways, and the agency of students (whom we call Dreamer scholars) in our community. The “I Have A Dream” Foundation was founded nationally in 1981. Boulder County founded a local affiliate in 1990 to address the 35% high school graduation rate among youth facing income inequality.

"I Have a Dream" is committed to improving the achievement gap to further fracture or eliminate the cycle of poverty for families in Boulder County. Through our Two-Generation approach, we are better able to create more upward mobility during a child’s life. By taking a more family-centered lens, we can better identify families’ immediate needs to create both short- and long-term stability and further break the cycle of poverty for the families that we serve.

Currently "I Have A Dream" supports 11 cohorts, serving 612 students in Boulder, Lafayette, Longmont, and Frederick through their K-12 education, postsecondary pathway, and into a meaningful career. Our success is dependent on community financial support, volunteerism, and partnerships with individuals and organizations in our community.

"I Have A Dream" Foundation of Boulder County welcomed our 23rd class of Dreamers this fall in Longmont. The Longmont Class consists of 32 first graders from 6 different schools in the area. The class is the result of a partnership between Timberline PK-8 School and the Longmont Youth Center. This momentous achievement is a testament to the power of collaboration and community support. The Longmont Class is the proud outcome of a strong partnership between the Timberline PK-8 School community and the Longmont Youth Center, uniting our resources and dedication to create an enriching educational experience for these young minds in the after-school space.

The journey of these Dreamers has just begun, and with your continued support, we look forward to witnessing the positive impact they will undoubtedly have on their communities. Together, we are building a brighter future for these young minds, one filled with hope, opportunity, and the belief that dreams can indeed become a reality.

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