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At Hope Haven, the program cost of our ministry (serving the entire family) is $125/month for every child. There is a large gap between what each parent can provide and what each family needs for a hopeful future. A gift to Hope Haven will ultimately transform a student, their family and community.


Having heard about Hope Haven Rwanda from friends and family, I thought I had a good grasp on the organization and the impact it is having on the children attending the school. But after seeing first-hand the impact, I was blown away! Hope Haven has taken a systematic approach to completely change the trajectory of an entire community. They have built a center that is becoming the heartbeat of Murindi, Rwanda, teaching and empowering the children in the school as well as many of their parents and adults in the community. It was so powerful to spend time with the amazing teachers and director where I could see the change happening in 300 young smiling faces! God's provision is clearly covering Hope Haven Rwanda and I'm grateful we have the opportunity to partner with them.


Hope Haven Rwanda is transforming Rwandan families through a holistic approach to education and discipleship, actively demonstrating the love, hope and truth of Jesus Christ.

Background Statement

After the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, the education sector, as well as other sectors of national life, passed through an emergency situation during which the main objective was to reshape and try to restart the education system which had broken down. Today a new orientation for education in Rwanda has been defined which seeks to attain a knowledge-based economy and a vibrant human capital. After visiting Rwanda in 2009, Hope Haven founder and Chairman of the Board, Susan Hollern, felt a calling to be part of the reconstruction of Rwanda. The genocide left children as orphans, ripped families apart, and left survivors to heal from the immense amounts of violence and trauma they witnessed and personally experienced, hence, the idea was born to start Hope Haven.

Hope Haven has been serving the community of Murindi, Rwanda since 2012. Murindi is a poor area, just outside the capital city of Kigali. The local community previously did not have easy access to education. Therefore, the children did not go to school. Hope Haven is now providing hope to the students and families of the area through its education and training programs.

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